DJ Lethal is back in Limp Bizkit just in time for Download Festival & Sideshows

After being abruptly kicked from the band back in 2012 (shortly after their Soundwave Festival shows) it seems DJ Lethal (bring it on) has been allowed back into the nu-metal act Limp Bizkit just in time for Download Festival on Saturday and their sideshows in Adelaide, Sydney and Brisbane.

Way back when it all happened, Lethal had some choice words to say about his fellow band mate Fred Durst stating:

“Personally I’ve been degraded and disrespected big time. It’s personal now. I tried to lay low, but the MAN with self-respect and dignity could hold back!! Call it childish or immature. Through thknthn. I’m really sorry mostly to the fans because one man is a tyrant control freak. #Napoleon!!”

 “I live for fans, he lives for himself TRUTH. That’s where the problem is. I’ve been berated, made to look like a drug addict. Truth is I stood up for myself. Truth is I stood up to Fred. Simple. He’s a tyrant slave driver. I’m saying way too much, but respect the truth. After the disrespect there’s no going back. I would rather beg for bread than kiss ass!!!!!! Drugs?!??? We all know who had the ‘drug’ problem. The problem was I had a fight with Fred and let him know my feelings. #Truth. So I’ll never be welcome back.”

I guess time heals all because just a few hours ago he stated on his Instagram account the “official” word about being back.

It’s nookie time!

Limp Bizkit – Download Festival Sideshows
with Ocean Grove and Of Mice & Men

March 22 @ Entertainment Centre, rAdelaide

March 24 @ Download Fest, Melb Showgrounds

March 25 @ Hordern Pavilion, Sydney

March 27 @ Riverstage, Brisbane

Tickets Here

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