Former Alpha Wolf frontman Aidan Ellaz speaks out about defaming false allegations made against him

When allegations like the ones involved in this saga are brought to light, we as a media publication have an obligation to report on both sides of the story fairly and with as much publically released information as possible. In any circumstance like this, the mentality of innocent until proven guilty should always be in the back of your mind too so witch hunts are not formed which ruin lives before the truth is revealed and charges are officially made. Hearsay does not contribute to evidence.

In this circumstance former Alpha Wolf frontman Aidan Ellaz (née Holmes) has offered his fans/followers an update on the assault allegations made against him and the impact it has had on not only his own life, but the members of his now former band.

In a detailed statement posted on his various social media accounts, Aidan states:

“When I was publically accused of having done something horrendous things, I tried to minimise the damage by moving aside, keeping quiet and trying to deal with the situation without involving the people closest to me, including my bandmates in Alpha Wolf.

Sadly, that didn’t work…”

He goes on to say that he has been cooperating with authorities during the whole saga, including filing his own defamation action case to clear his name, but now unfortunately for him, the accuser has fled the state and is no longer assisting with their initial accusations as he adds:

“… this person has presumably left the state, no longer being in the state she defamed me in, and the state where the alleged “incident” occurred. This makes everything a lot more difficult.”

“The last I heard, the police have been unsuccessfully trying to contact my accuser, there is a lack of cooperation”

You have to read his full statement to understand exactly what has gone on and the full extent of damage these alleged false accusations have had on not only himself but his old band who Aidan has defended during all of this. On the topic of rejoining down the track, he goes on to say:

“… honestly I don’t know

Many people told me they had my back, and then turned away… even when the evidence was in front of them.

With a lack of trust, comes a lack of confidence and drive.

So I guess the answer is no, I won’t be returning to Alpha Wolf.”

Catch up on the full statement below and remember to keep an open mind about it all, until charges are officially made, we are not here to judge, cast stones or pick sides without the proper supplied evidence and police proceedings.


We’ll keep you up to date with the proper, researched information regarding this situation as it’s handed to us.

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