Turnover – Gig Review & Photo Gallery 8th March @ Factory Theatre, Sydney NSW

Factory theatre, Sydney NSW
March 8th, 2018
Support: Turnstile and Oslow

I don’t think I’ve ever seen the Factory Theatre this full before the first support act came out. It’s immediately clear how how in demand, both Turnover and Turnstile are in Australia the moment you step foot in the venue.

Unfortunately I came rather late to the first support so I don’t really think I can provide and accurate judgment of their performance. That being said the crowd seemed pretty hyped so they definitely did their job.

Up next was Sydney band Oslow who were incredibly similar to Turnover in terms of sound. This is actually a bit of a surprise given Turnover has a habit of touring with heavier bands that at first glance wouldn’t mix (i.e. Turnstile) That being said the frontman was overwhelmingly positive; Through starting off with an acknowledgement to country (which will always win you brownie points with me) and following it up with a really tight set and a shout out to international women’s day, the boys won the crowd over with ease. Despite only and handful of people knowing any of their discography, it was clear that every punter in the room was enjoying themselves.

I’ll admit I hadn’t heard of Turnstile prior to now; this however was not the case for 99% of the venue. Through the crowd you could spot countless people sporting their bright yellow shirt as the night went on but that could not prepare me for the madness. To give you some idea of how nuts it got; the pit opened before they had even walked out on stage. Playing a mix of old favorites such as ‘Fazed Out’ and ‘Blue By You’, with a bunch of material from the recently released album Time & Space; all of which elicited the same excited response from the crowd every time. That being said the energy of the band makes the crowd look tired in comparison. Frontman Brendon Yates is jumping and flipping across the stage; reaching heights that would make you think the stage had been replaced by a trampoline. Not to be out done, bassist Franz Lyons dances around like a mad man; kicking, jumping, smashing his guitar, dancing as he waits for his new guitar, rinse and repeat. Honestly it was pretty hard not to thoroughly enjoy yourself during their set and it would not surprise me if they announce a headliner here soon because they easily could. I’m glad to have finally jumped on these guys and Im keen to see what they do next.

Everyone immediately filed out of the sweat filled room in hopes of getting some air before the main event. It’s at this point where you can really see how packed it is.

The opening bars of ‘Super Natural’ play and the crowd fall into a relaxed enjoyment, partially out of exhaustion but primarily because Turnover just have that effect. It’s not to say they weren’t excited, the crowd sing back every word with ease, it’s just not the kind of sound you go nuts to.

Tracks from their previous album Peripheral Vision garnered a larger response by far. Tracks such as ‘Like Slow Disappearing’ and ‘Cutting My Fingers Offwere clear fan favorites and even had one or two crowd surfers (which was a little out of place but nevertheless amusing).

The entire room fell into a gentle sway as they were treated to the gorgeous vocals of frontman Austin Getz which translate seamlessly from the record to their live performance. Maybe it is this trance like state that made their set seem incredibly short or maybe it just was, but regardless when they announced they had one song left I think most of the crowd were a little shocked. Regardless everyone went absolutely nuts the moment the opening bars of ‘Dizzy On The Comedown played. People began singing the guitar parts which is a testament to how iconic every aspect of this bands music actually is. It’s for this final song that people really begin to dance and wave their arms around, singing every word as loud as humanly possible. It was truly a heartwarming thing to witness and a beautiful end to a set.

Until next time.

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Turnover – Good Nature Australian Tour 2018
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