Overkill – Gig Review & Photo Gallery – 3rd March @ Factory Theatre, Sydney NSW

Factory Theatre, Sydney NSW
March 3rd, 2018
Supports: Metreya and Hazmat

Metropolis Touring have done it again! The second time in eight years they have brought this juggernaut to Australia! The last time Overkill toured they destroyed the country and left metal heads salivating for more. I caught them at The Metro and they were nothing short of flawless, even though they were one man down, as guitarist Derek Tailor, could not tour due to family circumstances; unfortunately he couldn’t make it this time either. I have waited so long for their return and tonight’s show. In Sydney the band are supported by two of the cities favourite bands, Metreya and Hazmat, an opportunity neither band will let go! The Factory is packed, as expected, and punters have turned up to thrash.

Hazmat hit the stage first and they have come to take no prisoners. I love this band, the sincerity and honesty is just piercing! The latest album, Atonement, is brilliant, and I hope they get the recognition for this they deserve. The Sydney crowd know them, and they have come to party. The band are tight, fast and everyone are eating out of their hands! The last time I saw these guys was in support of Anvil and they gave the same blistering set. I sincerely wish Hazmat all the best for their overseas tour later this year, I know they will do the Australian scene proud.

Next is the thrash beast that is Metreya. Now tonight’s set is all about how this band has really rediscovered itself with new vocalist Dave Tinelt. Metreya took some time to find a new vocalist and it is great to see them out again. This is only the second time that I have seen the band with Dave but he is fitting in and the band are on fire again. I have always appreciated this bands conviction and their ode to the San Francisco Thrash scene. The “ode” is not a carbon copy but a respectful tipping of the hat, as they have woven their own sound and songwriting tone around their obvious admiration of the scene. The guitar attack of Dieter Jabs and Adam Grozdanic has always impressed me and tonight they were both in fine form and definitely in sync, with their interplay. I am looking forward to some more songs being released in the not too distant future.

There was a lot of anticipation for Overkill tonight and the anticipation in the crowd was very reminiscent of their debut show in Sydney some eight years ago. The band hit the stage with intensity and passion, just flat out! The band were very conscious of the new album tonight, playing three songs from the platter, and the songs fit so well within the back catalogue; across nothing short of seventeen studio albums. Bobby is in fine form and his energy is boundless tonight and his banter with the crowd just worked. He is the conductor who really enhances the show and stirs the audience on even more than they are already!

Classics such as ‘Wrecking Crew’, ‘Rotten to the Core’ and ‘Elimination’ are just so effortless and work so well in the live environment, and I guess this is why so many people want to see this band worldwide. The Playing of the tune, not the whole album, of Horroscope was a real treat for me personally! I love this album some twenty seven years after its first release, just brilliant. I understand that Overkill, to the poorly educated is just Bobby and DD but tonight new drummer Jason and Dave on guitar (who incidentally has been in the fold for some time) really raised the level of the show and the potency of Overkill’s sound. The band were so ridiculously tight and had a huge sound, something that the band obviously deserve!!!

The band played frantically just shy of two hours and the audience has really appreciated it. No one has gone home disappointed tonight, and Overkill have proven just why they are so in demand. I sincerely hope that is doesn’t take another eight years to get these guys back over here for another gig! Thank you Metropolis Touring, the gig was amazing and nothing short of mind blowing.

Review by Mark Snedden

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Photo Gallery courtesy of the legendary Mick Goddard (MickG Photography)
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