Venom Inc. – Gig Review & Photo Gallery 28th February @ Republic Bar, Hobart TAS

Venom Inc.
Republic Bar, Hobart TAS
February 28th, 2018
Support: Taberah

Metal legends Venom Inc. came ready to deliver hellfire and brimstone; and deliver they did. Their 90min set gave everything you could want from the accidental innovators of a genre they defined thirty six years ago with their second album Black Metal.

Tasmania’s own Taberah kicked off the evenings proceedings with a blistering 35 minute, 7 song set that showcased three new songs ‘Rock N Roll‘, ‘When My Lanterns Fail‘ and ‘The Path, My Own‘ all showcasing a darker grittier side to the band; while still maintaining the instantly identifiable Taberah hallmarks of catchy choruses and instant hooks.

Aside from the three new songs Taberah mixed fan favourites, crowd pleasers and saw the return of ‘Stormchild‘ to the set. Frontman, Jonathon Barwick was on point and charismatic as ever with his entertaining banter. Myles (guitar/vocals), Dave (Bass/vocals) and Tom (Drums) showed that the foursome has a very unique chemistry that translates perfectly when they hit the stage. Their technical ability and execution was on point.

Venom was my first introduction into thrash metal and satanic themes. Their aggressive style opened my ears to so many other bands. The eleven year old that was almost frightened by what Venom stood for in 1982 was anxious to see if Venom Inc. in 2018 was still relevant, classic and not done just for the sake of nostalgia.

Venom Inc. greeted the stage creating an energy that had the crowd energized and ready to go. From the moment the first chord was struck they commanded your attention.

Mantas, Abbadon and “Demolition Man” Dolan had something to prove with this amazing intimate show in humble old Hobart town. Every song was perfectly placed and seamlessly tied the whole history of the band together from the classics like ‘Bloodlust’, ‘Buried Alive’, ‘Die Hard’, ‘Warhead’, ‘Raise the Dead’ to the most recent ‘Ave Satanas‘ it was an amazing journey. However it was ‘Black Metal‘ that was the night’s highlight, engaging each and every metalhead in their finest voice. What also became evident to me was how heavily influenced the band were by Motorhead. At times you could have mistaken it for a Motorhead show, you felt it; the spirit was infectious and fun.

For guys that are in their mid to late fifties they sure had an undeniable youthful energy about them. Dunn’s ability to engage the crowd and his crowd banter was personal and very special for those in attendance. It wasn’t scripted or forced in any way shape or form. Mantas as was in impeccable form, energetic and precise. Abaddon was simply incredible behind the kit and a front row fan favorite as he poured Jack Daniels down the throats of the willing at the end of the show.

Memories flooded back to me reminding me of just how important Venom is in the whole scheme of my personal metal journey. The smiles from the crowd during and after the show was incredible, Venom Inc. united Hobart’s metal community in song and spirit. It will be a night talked about for many, many years to come. Their set was 90 minutes of some of the loudest, rawest, sweaty fun I have had in a long time. Hurry up and come back guys, let’s do it again ….. soon.

Gig Review & Photo Gallery by Andrew Slaidins. Please credit Wall of Sound and Andrew Slaidins if you repost any photos.
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Venom Inc.

venom inc

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