Andrew W.K. – You’re Not Alone (Album Review)

Andrew W.K. – You’re Not Alone
Released: March 2nd, 2018

Andrew W.K. Line up:

Andrew W.K. / vocals, keyboards, guitar, drums etc. etc.
Dave Pino / additional guitars
Doug Anson / additional vocals, guitars

Andrew W.K. online:

“It’s time to party, Let’s party
Hang out with yourself and have a crazy party
Hey you, let’s party
Have a killer party and Party!”

No one parties harder than Andrew W.K. and with You’re Not Alone the King of Partying as returned!

Andrew W.K. is a walking party of good vibes and positivity, in a world of doom and gloom he brings infectious uplifting messages of hope and above all partying. The opening track ‘The Power of Partying’ is a nice little intro with the lyrics consisting of Mr W.K chanting “party, party, party” infinitum… well for a minute and thirty-six seconds.


A W.K. then hits us with a mantra that, I for one have lived with most of my life – ‘Music Is Worth Living For’. This song is pure Andrew W.K. Rock guitars mixed with keyboard synth and lyrics that make you want to punch your fist in the air. For musicians and fans alike music is life. Andrew captures this feeling perfectly. The King of Partying has an innate ability to tap into the fears and feelings of youth. There are no subtle nuances in his lyrics, he hits right at the heart of teen angst – chin up kid you made it this far, you’re not alone.

Let’s face it, not only teens are faced with doubt and dark thoughts, there’s a world full of adults facing similar fears every day.  Certainly, for the first half of the album, each track is somehow more uplifting and positive than the last. It’s hard not to listen without smiling.

There really is something for everyone, it’s not all party party party (but you can never have enough party). Andrew gets a little dark with tracks like ‘The Devil’s On Your Side’ and ‘Break The Curse’, both musically and lyrically. The latter getting heavy as fuck with some downright tasty riffs helped along by a huge drum sound and the signature W.K synth giving it an orchestral vibe. This feels like an album of two distinct halves, the first half is upbeat all about the party but from the spoken word ‘In Your Darkest Moments’ it takes a sinister turn. We are reminded to think about the dark times we’ve already gotten through, and without darkness, there can be no light. Indeed after the fistful of less upbeat tracks, the album finishes with ‘You’re Not Alone’ a song that lifts you up on its shoulders and makes you feel like you’re Ferris Bueller singing ‘Twist and Shout’ on a parade float.


This album is more complex than anything Andrew W.K. has released, there are light and shade, with a real prog rock feel to it. In a world where things as horrific as school shootings have somehow become the new norm, it really is time to embrace your party heart.

Party on Wayne, party on Garth – But no one parties like Andrew W.K.


Andrew W.K. – You’re Not Alone tracklist:

  1. The Power of Partying
  2. Music Is Worth Living For
  3. Ever Again
  4. I Don’t Know Anything
  5. The Feeling of Being Alive
  6. Party Mindset
  7. The Party Never Dies
  8. Give Up On You
  9. Keep On Going
  10. In Your Darkest Moments
  11. The Devil’s On Your Side
  12. Break The Curse
  13. Total Freedom
  14. Beyond Oblivion
  15. Confusion And Clarity
  16. You’re Not Alone

Rating: This album made me smile and I can’t stop listening to it, so for that reason, I’m giving it a very rare 10/10
You’re Not Alone is out Friday March 2nd via Sony Music Australia. Pre-Order Here
Reviewed by Gareth Williams


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