Turnstile – Time & Space (Album Review)

Turnstile – Time & Space
Released: February 23, 2018

Turnstile lineup –

Brady Ebert // Guitar
Daniel Fang // Drums
Franz Lyons // Bass Guitar & Vocals
Brendan Yates // Lead Vocals
Pat McCrory // Guitar

Turnstile are an interesting band. Signing to Roadrunner in 2016 after the breakout hit of their debut album Nonstop Feeling they’ve spent the better part of the last two years smashing crowds across the world with their energetic, high intensity stage presence. Capitalising on this success sees the band releasing their much anticipated second album Time & Space.


The album opens with the energetic ‘Real Thing’ a rollicking burst of energy with Brendan Yates’ raspy, soaring vocals and lush instrumentation leading the charge.The first two minutes of this album, offer a perfect example encapsulation of the best parts of 90’s alternative rock. Subsequent track ‘Big Smile’ increases the intensity factor with an opening riff built for mosh pits before soaring further into the sky with a crescendo vocal lines crashing you back to Earth.

Standout track, ‘Generator’ can only be described as undefinable gloriousness as it displays mood swings wilder than a NRA spokesperson. Jumping from punk bombast, alternative rock and whatever else the fuck it wants. It’s a clear WTF moment on an album full of them and proves once and for all that all bets are off. Another standout is the anthemic stomp of ‘I Don’t Want To Be Blind’ with bold choruses and almost stoner rock influenced riffs, it’s complete with the screech of Yates’ magnetic vocals, who even manages to display some range.

Before I continue to talk about the album. It’s very important we commend the production of Will Yip. His ability to cater to every stylistic shift in mood and tone throws your way is amazing and his sense of dynamics elevates these songs far above most bands. He really is the glue holding this multi-layered, sonic train together.

If this sounds terrifying. It’s not.

The band seemingly understanding of their renewed sense of adventure, regale you with a more classic song in their bold canon.

The intense ‘High Pressure’ planting itself firmly into mosh pit territory (complete with a short but sweet solo section) thrashes its way into your heart and body the way the best hardcore should. It even comes with keyboards from the party King himself, the great Andrew W.K.


Unable to play it safe for long, they once again burn their own rule book. This is none more evident than on the spacey pop punk influenced ‘Moon’. The track sees lead vocal reigns given to bassist Franz Lyons who changes the entire mood and feel of Turnstile’s music with his cleaner, more soulful vocal chords.

Overall, the level of risk on this album should be commended. At just 26 minutes long, there’s a lot to digest in such a short space of time. The band have seemingly thrown themselves off a metaphorical cliff and it’s hard to know where they’ll land after this massive creative leap. Whether the fans embrace it will be another question, but it’s hard to argue with an album brimming so vibrantly with such addictive energy.

Honestly, this album is probably best reserved for when you want to fucking party hard.


Turnstile – Time & Space track listing –

1. Real Thing
2. Big Smile
3. Generator
4. Bomb
5. I Don’t Wanna Be Blind
6. High Pressure
7. (Lost Another) Piece Of My World
8. Can’t Get Away
9. Moon
10. Come Back For More/H.O.Y.
11. Right To Be
12. Disco
13. Time + Space

Rating: 9/10
Time & Space is OUT NOW via Roadrunner Records. Purchase Here.
Review by Kaydan Howison 




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