ALBUM STREAM: Erdve’s monstrous new album Vaitojimas will leave you begging for more

If your musical taste leans more towards the much heavier side of the metal genre, then you can’t go past Erdve‘s latest offering Vaitojimas (our review here) which is officially out across the globe on February 9th via Season of Mist.

The concept behind the album is so enthralling that even the heaviest metal fan would appreciate their style of songwriting which focuses on “an emotional void filled without any moral barriers to self-satisfy the inner degenerate ranging from the ordinary to the criminally insane”. If that’s not enough to get you on board yet then maybe the tantalization of genre crossing between hardcore, sludge, and black metal should pull you in and never let go. Take a listen and brace yourself for impact.

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Erdve - album

Erdve – Vaitojimas tracklisting

1. Vaitojimas
2. Išnara
3. Prievarta
4. Apverktis
5. Pilnatvė
6. Atraja

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