PREMIERE: Maverick are honing in on the early years of Australian hard rock

When you first hear a song that punches you in the face like freight-train, you need to sit back and strap yourself in again right? That’s how we felt when Maverick‘s new single ‘Longevity‘ landed in our inbox after we were asked to premiere it. The Sydney based hooligans terrorised walked through the streets of their neighbourhood filming the one-shot music video which actually turned out pretty good. So, we grabbed vocalist Marty Rowney for a rundown of how much trouble they caused in the process.

Lads, firstly well done on the one-shot video for ‘Longevity’, was that the first and only take you attempted?

Cheers dude! It was actually the second take, I would’ve been stoked if we had of knuckled it out in one go but coordinating that many boys and that many tins proved to be pretty difficult. We may have gone for a third however we had exhausted our supplies and mental energy by that stage.

With all the gang-related crime in Australia, were you worried about someone calling the cops on a pack of hooligans terrorising the neighbourhood?

Haha it definitely crossed our minds however where we are from it isn’t too uncommon to see a pack of kooks roaming the streets on a Saturday afternoon. In saying that, we did have the cops called on us once shooting had finished. We were getting a little extra footage when they actually showed up, you can check that out here:

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On set for our new music video. Cops were never going to stop us

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hahaha thats mental, but adds to the story I guess. Talking about the idea, one of the best one-shot videos I’ve seen was from Four Year Strong… were those guys an influence for the idea or did yours come from elsewhere?

I actually haven’t seen that clip from the Four Year guys before, looks like they did it better than us haha. I think the influence of this clip was mainly derived from the song, I really just wanted to convey that feeling of running from the demons that come with a big night (or day) out.


The whole vibe from the song and video seems like a call back to the early days of Aussie hard rock to acts like Deez Nuts, Dead Kelly and Cosmic Psychos. Is that the idea you’re going for with Maverick’s sound?

I don’t think there really is an idea when it comes to Maverick’s sound, it’s really just an amalgamation of all our musical influences that come through when we jam together. I think you would be surprised if you took a look through any one of our iTunes libraries to see what we actually listen to, and we are pretty happy with the shape of the sound we’ve been producing together.

Right, is that why you all look like nice approachable gentlemen in your press photo? haha Does that all change when you’re on stage screaming at the audience?

I guess it depends on what you define as approachable, if cranky boys getting nice and wild on stage is your thing then yeah, we are heaps approachable haha. Honestly though, our shows are about having fun and letting loose with your friends, just show up with a good attitude and don’t be scared to get involved.

What have you got planned following the State of Mind EP release on March 16th?

We have a big juicy EP release show with some friends in the works so stay tuned for that!

And what about the new potential friends you haven’t met yet?

Say hi to your mum for me!…. Oh and check out the EP when it drops xx

Maverick State of Mind EO

State of Mind EP is out March 16th via Dogfight Records

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