Northlane – Photo Gallery February 1st @ Surfers Paradise Beergarden, Gold Coast QLD

Surfers Paradise Beergarden
February 1st, 2018
Support: The Brave

Australian metalcore giants Northlane headed back to Queensland to showcase a select few shows for fans along the east coast including a stop by the Surfers Paradise Beergarden with locals The Brave. The bands put on a fantastic performance for eager fans who made their way to the Gold Coast party precinct, which has been lacking shows like this in recent years.

But the evening, for us at least, was ruined after an unruly wanker took it upon himself to coward punch our photographer who was there to cover the night, i.e. WORKING in an unprovoked attack after she made her way to the back of the room early in the night to get some shots of the band on stage. This behaviour is absolutely FUCKED and I can’t stress enough how disappointed I am with the venue and their security personnel for not ejecting this idiot following this attack or when he was cartwheeling, doing handstands and ramming into punters afterwards.

We all have a duty of care when attending shows like this, this is our scene, this is what we love, heavy music with a safe atmosphere and environment for like minded fans to join together to celebrate music. When you have someone like this ruining the evening for the rest of us, it really puts a dampener on the whole idea of attending heavy shows, especially ones without the proper set up for shows compared to larger venues like that in Brisbane.

May I direct your attention to the ‘Your Choice Campaign’ which made headlines last year calling for industry organisers and patrons to do their part to make live shows a safer place for everyone by making sure:

  • Everyone has the right to a good time, without the actions of the minority coming at personal and/or public expense. We want to see an inclusive, supportive, safe, fun time had by all.
  • Both organisers and patrons share responsibility in creating the safest and most enjoyable experience.
  • Our culture today demands a preventative conversation, not a reactive one. We want to start by focusing attention and growing awareness on what is acceptable and expected behaviour, not just telling people to be warey and vigilant or providing reactive solutions after the fact.
  • As a society, we all have a responsibility to encourage people to think harder about the impact their choices have on the wider community and we need to be vocal about this, calling it out when we see it
  • Efforts are required today to ensure our industry is protected and can continue to nurture the ideas of young cultural entrepreneurs and give young artists a space to develop and grow

It seems some people can’t get it through their heads that going out of your way to injure someone for your own personal benefit is absolutely, positively fucked up. Whether someone is in your way or not, that does not give you the goddamn right to take matters in your own hands. It doesn’t matter if you’re male, female, straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans, white or a person of colour, you do not be a disrespectful piece of shit who assaults people at live shows.

If anyone at the show noticed this incident happening, or witnessed this wanker and his disruptive behaviour, I urge you to please get in touch with me as we’ll be doing our own investigation of what happened and do our part to shine a light on this incident and call out this absolutely sicking behaviour.

We have contacted the Surfers Paradise Beergarden to comment on the incident…

Paul Brown – Wall of Sound Owner
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