Have you checked out Tropical Fuck Storm’s weird AF new video?

Tropical Fuck Storm. A band name guaranteed to catch the attention of onlookers keen to see what they’re all about, obviously, that’s the case if you’re here right? Well good on you because you need to check out this video for their new song ‘You Let My Tyres Down‘ which first of all is filmed in reverse and second of all, makes you want to film yourself eating spaghetti so you can reverse it… ok, just me then.

The song itself isn’t about someone fucking up your car tyres, but more about how good life really is when you look at it from another perspective according to frontman Gareth Liddiard:

“You Let My Tyres Down is basically about the real word; ordinary life, and how drab and featureless it seems until you write it down, and then you see it’s pretty wild. They say that good books make shit movies and shit books make good movies. So if you’re depressed and you feel like your life resembles a shit book, congratulations.”

The band’s album A Laughing Death In Meatspace will be out May 4th via Mistletone/TFS Records. Pre-Orders are here

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