PREMIERE: Feast your eyes & ears on these Grassholes

In a world where The Bennies can “hot box the Evelyn Hotel” in Melbourne, Dune Rats can ask who’s ‘Scott Green’ on commercial radio and Schapelle Corby can become a meme following her stint in a Bali jail, it was only a matter of time before a new bunch of stoners Grasshole-s appeared and today we’re bringing you their latest track ‘Hash? Tag Me In‘.

The Melbourne stoner/grunge/rockers have also managed to pick up some decent airplay in the United States with over 90 radio stations picking up their 2 previous EPs and their singles ‘Van Inhalin‘ and ‘Fragile‘ have also scored rave reviews from fans and show attendees. Now locally they have a pretty hectic touring circuit across Australia coming up in support of their forthcoming new album Fuzz of Flavour, which will be released Feb 23rd. We tracked down the best buds to find out more about the band before they lost their train of thought… Guitarist/Singer Karis Hawkins supplied the answers:

Legends! Fantastic name first of all. Where’d it come from?

“We were in a standard doofus mode of thought, talking funnily enough about Schapelle Corby and the name came to us. Never woulda thought she’d release a banger before us.. Haha”

From what I’ve picked up so far, would I be wrong in saying The Bennies are an influence of yours?

“The Bennies are great! The scene in Melbourne is so wild that we actually have a lot of local influences. Clowns, Bare Bones and Batpiss are high on our rotation at the moment.”

And you’ve got a HUGE tour coming up soon, for those who haven’t witnessed you Grassholes in person, why should they change that in 2018?

“We’ve been thrashing the east coast for a while now, and even got to Indonesia in November 2017 which was a wild experience. We love what we do and come from the old school of giving every show a serious energetic nudge. 2 years in the making and we finally have our first full length album out, so now we can really share it with you all and look forward to a beer together after! It’s never going to be boring we can promise that.”

Seems you guys have a love/appreciation of the Devil’s Lettuce so let me put you to the test with the following quiz:

Maccas or Hungry Jacks at 4:20am?

“The devil’s lettuce goes good with life, and we embrace our fellow Herbivores… Macca’s is the repeat offender, but if a kebab is up for grabs nothing quite makes you regret decisions from the night before quite like one. Plus the tomato counts as your fruit for the day.”

Chicken or Cheese Twisties?

“Cheese twisties every time.”

VB or Bintangs?

“Love ourselves a binny”

Schapelle Corby or Willie Nelson?

“Corby no doubt.”

Hashtags or Hash Browns?

“Hash browns for the win.”

Any last words?

“Thanks for the premiere and looking forward to meeting and seeing you all on the tour! Let’s get filthy.”


Fuzz of Flavour will be released February 23rd. Pre-Order from Jan 31st via iTunes.
Catch Grasshole on Tour across Australia next month.

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Grasshole – Flavour of Fuzz Tour

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