PREMIERE: Lycanthrope encourage you to make the most of your life with new single ‘Chapters’

Newcastle has been delivering the musical goods for decades now and the latest act to step up from the busy working town is metalcore six-piece Lycanthrope who are set to release their debut album Chapters on Feb 16th. The band are no strangers to the scene, having already opened for bands like Northlane, In Hearts Wake, Confession, I Killed The Prom Queen and Aversions Crown, it’s only a matter of time before they’ll cement themselves as an act to watch, especially after the release of their new title track single ‘Chapters‘ which is all about taking control of your life and making it one to remember for all the good reasons.

We grabbed Daniel Greig for a closer look at the song, album and to settle an age-old question that’s plagued humankind for centuries.

Congrats on the heavy song legends, my guess it’s about making the most of your life?

Thanks for having me mate, the Chapters Album as a whole, is about learning to better yourself through trials and tribulations. The song ‘Chapters‘ is about taking control of your life situation, because the only person who can make a positive change is yourself.


‘Chapters’ refers to moments in your life, so we can live vicariously through you, can you take us through the best and worst chapters of your life?


Easily the best chapter of my life, is fathering my beautiful daughter Chelsea and the worst is removing all my old friends from my life to start fresh. 

If you got the chance to write a book about your life in the band so far, do you think you’d sell many copies?


I know my mum would buy a copy (my mum says I’m cool) but no, I’m sure a lot of people wouldn’t waste their time on a book with a shit tonne of spelling mistakes and the last 30 pages being poorly illustrated Simpsons/South Park scribbles


And on the back of that, who would play you in a biography movie based on the above mentioned book?


If the book was successful it would be a toss up between Owen Wilson or Chris Farley RIP


Metalcore in Australia is booming right now, what are you doing to make sure you stand out from the rest?


People say we’re metalcore. I just think we’re a metal band. We pinch elements from a number of sub-genres and try to mesh it together. This band has and always will have clean vocals to accompany the metalcore / deathcore-esk screams/ brutes.


Any big plans on the way for 2018 following Chapter’s album release next month?


There are definitely some big plans in the works after the album release but its all under wraps at the moment. Sure there’s plenty of bands that we are eager to share the stage with but all will be revealed in due time. 

Who would win in a fight between a lycanthrope and a vampire (preferably Kate Beckinsale)?


The Lycans would ravage!!! But no, Kate Beckinsale would win flawless victory. 

lycanthrope chapters album

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