The Top 7 Ways to Survive UNIFY 2018

We are merely days away from the 2018 Edition of UNIFY – A Heavy Gathering, taking place at Tarwin Lower, 2 hours outside of Melbourne and featuring a plethora of Australian acts such as Parkway Drive, The Amity Affliction, Polaris, Tonight Alive, Hellions, The Beautiful Monument and international heavyweights like Architects, Four Year Strong and Knuckle Puck just to name a few.

We’ll also be attending this year so if a couple of bearded blokes come up to ask you questions, don’t freak out, we’re not cops, we’ll probably want to get you involved with Wall of Sound in some way shape or form… But with 2 HUGE nights ahead of us, followed by a Sunday Session to ease you back into the world, it’s hard to keep track of the important ways to outlast the event so we’ve gathered up our own list of The Top 7 Ways to Survive UNIFY 2018 starting with

#7 – Kartents

What better way to focus on the two massive days of music you have ahead, than by giving someone else the privilege of setting up your own accommodation for the weekend. Kartents are cardboard tents, already sorted by the time you arrive so essentially you just chuck your shit in and get your mosh on. They’ll also throw them away at the end of the festival (unless you want to keep it), so there’s literally no time wasted pitching a tent… not that kind boys.

#6 – Berocca.

Make friends with this shit. Put it in your water, put it in your cereal and put it in your coffee* each morning to make sure you’re performing at your absolute best and remember, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Always drink responsibly and don’t be a dick.

*don’t put it in your coffee



#5 – Get a Selfie with Crafter.

Give yourself little challenges at UNIFY to make the most of your entire weekend. We all know Michael Crafter will be there sweating frothing over Parkway (who wouldn’t) so set yourself the goal to grab a happy snap with him, but be respectful, use your manners and offer him a bag of tomatoes for his Snapchat cooking show ‘CrafterChef


#4 – Unicoins

UNIFY 2018 will be completely cashless so make use of Unicoins, essentially you chuck money on your wristband and tap away throughout the whole event. Food, Drinks, Merch, you name it’s all covered. Top up at various locations and embrace your inner tap-wanker status.

#3 – Fuck Your Mates (not literally)

One of the hardest things about going to Music Festivals is the inability to keep track of your mates for the whole weekend unless you’re attached to them at the hip by surgical operation, so if you lose them, fuck ’em. Make the most of your weekend by seeing the bands you want to see, drinking the drinks you want to drink and waiting in line for the toilets you want to use, knowing that you don’t have to spend the next 3 hours trying to track down your shit mate Dennis who said he’d meet you at the meeting spot, only to smoke bomb for the rest of the day.

totally unicorn - Bree Vane

“This is a Public Service Announcement… Has anyone seen Dennis?”


#2 – Strategic Naps

If you’re not the energetic party animal you used to be, you’re gonna have to plan your day accordingly so you can fit in a nap or two if need be. With bands like Architects, Parkway, Hellions, Hands Like Houses and Amity all performing after 10pm, it’s gonna be hard to keep your eyes open and if you miss any of the action, you’ll be kicking yourself, so head off back to your tent for a kip and wake up refreshed and ready to throw down to the final survival tip…


and the winner is

#1 – Lose Your Shit for the Australian Live debut of ‘Doomsday’

Last year Architects released arguably their greatest and best song to date ‘Doomsday‘ and we are yet to hear this track played down under… but that is all about to change when they make their one of two appearances in Australia for UNIFY (and the other a makeup show in rAdelaide) and we cannot contain our excitement. These lads are at their absolute peak in their careers, showing no signs of slowing down so get out there and show them the support they so rightfully deserve.


See you there…
Browny @brownypaul 

unify map


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