Wall of Sound presents: “2017 YEAR IN REVIEW” – by Wall of Sound Writer Ricky Aarons

As always, it’s been a massive year in the metal world, and I’ve been fortunate enough to check out quite a few gigs and listen to a lot of new records. Below are just some of the best albums I reckon were dropped this year.

The Top 5 Albums of 2017

  1. Emmure – Look at Yourself
  2. Miss May I – Shadows Inside
  3. Aversions Crown – Xenocide
  4. Sworn In – All Smiles
  5. Betraying the Martyrs – The Resilient


Of course, as incredible as these albums were, a couple of bangers emerged from other albums as well, particularly strong ones that I heard being played live. I love looking at a list like the one below, because of the diversity. The average person may be scratching their head thinking that they’re pretty similar beasts, but when you consider sub-genres, nationality and style, they vary quite significantly.

The Top 5 Songs of 2017

  1. Northlane – ‘Heartmachine
  2. Wage War – ‘Stitch
  3. Make Them Suffer – ‘Vortex (Interdimensional Spiral Hindering Inexplicable Euphoria)
  4. Volumes – ‘Left For Dead
  5. Sworn In – ‘Cry Baby


I don’t sit in front of the tele watching Rage like I used to while growing up, but I’ll open the odd music video, particularly if it’s been widely reported or if it’s a band that’s renowned for strong videography. My pick for this year was possibly due to a biased excitement of seeing a beloved front-man return to a band that pleased a lot of fans. The music video that came with it was just as triumphant, and well choreographed (so-to-speak).

The Best Music Video of 2017

Thy Art is Murder – ‘Puppet Master


Like I said, I’ve covered a few shows this year, and love the variety in lineups, particularly when genres cross-over; and that’s what led to consideration of the picks below. Band packages that have two or more international artists are what really get my attention, but other shows that have one international headliner that blows your head off is also kind of special. It was hard to organise the order of the gigs below.

The Top 5 Gigs of 2017

1. Northlane / Erra / Sworn In / Once Almost Never
(Gig Review Here
📷: Olivia Reed


2. Miss May I / Sylar / Make Way for Man / Entropy
(Review & Gallery Here) 📷: Emanuel Rudnicki.


3. In Hearts Wake / While She Sleeps / Crossfaith / Polaris
(Review & Gallery Here) 📷: Josh Ludlow


4. Meshuggah / Make Way for Man
(Review & Gallery Here) 📷: Emanuel Rudnicki.


5. Killswitch Engage / FallujahCursed Earth
(Review & Gallery Here) 📷: Josh Ludlow


Who Is The Next Big Australian Band?

Entropy. My choice was perhaps an emotional one, as I saw them play live in Perth for the first time in the last week, so the decision is fresh. Albeit, this outfit were wildly refreshing to the local scene and gave me some hope in the future exports of WA metal. Really looking forward to seeing the evolution of these guys over the coming years.


What Are You Looking Forward To The Most In 2018?

The Thy Art is Murder/Fit For An Autopsy/Emmure show. Mate, deathcore fan for days. Many knock it, many despise it. I love it and proudly. The intensity of the breakdowns, the cathartic energies, it’s simply amazing. This gig will be one not to miss, so be sure to get your tickets.

thy art 2018


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