New Found Glory get nostalgic with new song ’20 Years From Now’

They’ve visited Australia for their 20 Years of Pop Punk Tour, released their latest album Makes Me Sick and now legends New Found Glory have released the new song they’ve been hinting at called ‘20 Years From Now‘ which acts as a stand alone single, not with the album.

Chad Gilbert from the band explains:

“’20 Years From Now’ is a song we wrote and recorded during the “Makes Me Sick” album sessions. We loved the song and felt it stood out in a different way than the rest so instead of squeezing it on the album, we wanted to give it a life of it’s own. If you have seen us on this recent 20 Years Of Pop Punk tour then you got a first listen as it was our intro to the concert. We have learned so many lessons over the 20 years of this band but the underlining meaning of the song is about letting go of worry to feel true freedom. When you reflect on your life you realize how arguments, pride, and the worry of proving yourself never changed or fixed anything. Failure and missteps help refine your character and make you wiser. All you truly need to worry about is waking up each day and to try to be the best version of yourself. We feel very lucky that when we wake up we still get to be in this band. Thank you for that and we hope you enjoy the song.”

Featuring old footage of the band from the early years, it’s a guaranteed to bring back all kinds of nostalgia for old fans.

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