Oh hey, it’s a Waterparks Q&A

Ahead of their first tour down under to support The Maine, I had the chance to interview Waterparks and talk abut their upcoming album, what fans can expect it to sound like, double dares, and which song of The Maine’s they wish they’d written.

So this will be your first time in Australia! Are you excited to see what it’s like down under and how the crowds respond to you guys?

We’ve always wanted to go to Australia so this is super cool for us. We’ve had a couple people that have listened to us since before we were ever signed that live over there so it’s going to be really nice finally getting to play over there for them!

What’s one thing you’re most excited for outside of performing on this upcoming tour?

Mostly koalas!

What’s your process of choosing a setlist when you embark on a new tour to mix things up a bit?

We try to make sure we play songs that people will possibly recognize if we are the opening band. Once we’ve been to a place before we get to start adding deep cuts and such.

What is your favourite song/s to perform off Double Dare and why?

Stupid For You. Everyone seems to always go off and enjoy the song.


You have a second full length album coming out soon, can your fans in Australia expect a headlining tour for it?

‘Entertainment’ comes out January 26th so we’d absolutely love to headline a tour in Australia. We’ll see how this run with The Maine goes. Hopefully people like us out there.

What inspires you in terms of album and song titles? They’re all quite uniquely named — is there any specific reason behind it all?

As far as album titles [go] they just needed to be something that we thought would sound iconic. There are also some underlined meanings to some titles as well though. Most of the song titles and things are super important to us. A lot of them may also not have anything to do with the song at all. Sometimes it’s just what a song may feel like. Specifically with songs like Pink. Then you’ve got the more self explanatory titles like Stupid for You..

Have you ever brought pets on tour as a mascot, or is that something you’ve ever considered? If so, what animal would you want to be your Australian tour mascot to be?

We’ve never had the chance to bring a pet on tour but if we could we’d love to have a tour pup!

How did the three of you meet each other and discover that you wanted to make music together?

We all wanted to do sounds so we all found each other in a mall and made lots and lots of sounds

Considering your album title is Double Dare – have you ever done any dares (or double dares) growing up that you can remember and share the story?

Definitely dared friends to eat street pizza… also dared friends to go and ask people to dance with them at school dances when we were in middle school.

If you had to listen to one song on repeat for the entire tour, what song would you choose?

Last of the Real Ones by Fall Out Boy


What can people expect to hear with the second album? Will it be much like Double Dare or quite different?

Entertainment sounds bigger, stronger, faster, older, more wise, more hungry, also needs to go to the bathroom.

Since you’re touring with The Maine — tell us, which of their songs do you wish you wrote or had a hand in writing?

Into Your Arms

Now for some fan questions! If Awsten wasn’t a natural blue, what colour would he be?


Would you rather slide into someone’s DM’s or slide down a 30ft drop waterslide?

30ft slide for sure

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if Otto Wood could chuck wood?

Mostly Bananas though.

Do you ever get in trouble on tour with pranks and other tricks?

We are good boys. We never get in trouble.


What is your favourite season and holiday?

Halloween because candy, costumes, & we get to give trick or treaters potatoes

What did you nearly name your band and why did you choose Waterparks over any other idea?

We were very close to the name ‘Golf’ but thought Waterparks just made more sense.

Tickets to see Waterparks on their upcoming tour to support The Maine can be purchased right here and you can find the band on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube

Interview by Heather McNab

the maine tour

The Maine – Australian Headline Tour
with Waterparks and Between You & Me

30th Jan: Amplifier Bar, Perth 18+

31st Jan: Fowlers Live, Adelaide Lic AA

2nd Feb: Corner Hotel, Melbourne 18+

3rd Feb: Factory Theatre, Sydney Lic AA

4th Feb: Triffid, Brisbane Lic AA

Tickets Here

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