PREMIERE: Meliorist debut brutal new single ‘What You’ve Lost’

Brisbane’s been putting out the goods lately with plenty of new bands giving it a crack and making their mark on the industry and it’s our pleasure to PREMIERE the brand new one for Meliorist called ‘What You’ve Lost‘. Now we could talk about the song and what it sounds like (Spoiler Alert: It’s brutal AF) but we grabbed guitarist Andrew Apte for a better look at the track and their name:

Hey legends, great track you’ve got there, let’s introduce you to the world; who’s in the band and what do they do?

“Thanks man. Sure, we’ve got Matt on vocals, Andrew (Me) and Max on guitar, Sam on bass and James plays drums.”

I googled Meliorist to try and find out the meaning and I came across this: “The belief that the human condition can be improved through concerted effort” If that’s the idea you’re going for and I didn’t fuck it up, what’s the first step we need to take to improve the human condition?

“Ha, yeah I don’t think you fucked it up, but we’re also not experts. For us it’s about sharing art and inspiring creativity, we aren’t political or anything like that, we just want to focus on making music we love. I think there’s a lot of people that get upset about musical genres so I think cutting that out would be a good place to start.”

On the back of your new song, as the title suggests, what’s the worst thing you’ve lost over your life?

“The song’s message is really about hope but I don’t know, I’m pretty good at not losing stuff. Probably my bank card in the valley, my account got drained via paypass transactions but CommBank gave me my money bank!”

Jeez that’s rough mate, glad CommBank came back to the rescue, now to bring the mood back, what’s the best thing you’re stoked you lost?

“Once I got mugged with my friends and my car keys fell out of my pocket, so I was pretty stoked that they didn’t find them!”

Wow, you haven’t had much luck going out, maybe stay indoors haha your album is out December 1st, what can potential new fans expect?

“I think every song is different, hopefully they can hear the contrast between ‘My Reflection’ and ‘What You’ve Lost’. The remainder of the songs are all different to them. We tried to put in as much dynamics as possible while remaining within the modern metal category. Hopefully people will like it!”

Well if you like what you hear, you can pre-order their album from Bandcamp right here. Find the boys on Facebook and Twitter

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