Melvins – Gig Review & Photo Gallery 10th November @ Crowbar, Brisbane QLD

Crowbar, Brisbane QLD
November 10th, 2017
Supports: Redd Kross

Tonight is the first of two shows at the Crowbar for the legendary Melvins and the beloved Redd Kross. It is in many ways an affirmation of the legacy of these two bands who by all accounts helped spurn the grunge movement into fruition. Having these shows at Crowbar is logical and only adds to the sense of drama, the sold out show packed to bursting with eager fans well before Redd Kross even takes to the stage.

Opening with ‘Lady in the Front Row’ sees the crowd surge towards Redd Kross. Their jubilation etched onto their faces as bodies shake and sway to a song Oasis (probably) heard and stole a million times over. Their set comprised of a series of their own material, alongside some choice covers is more than enough to keep the crowd entertained for almost the next hour. The sold out bar only increases the energy of the occasion as the crowd basks in the pure rock and roll swagger of the band onstage. Paving way for the main event.

At this point the Melvins need absolutely no introduction. Returning to Australia with yet another album of weirdness under their belt. The euphoria of the crowd reaches fever pitch as the iconic hair from Buzz Osbourne appears onstage, the sea of noise giving way to the slow ebbing haze of opener ‘Sacrifice (Cover of Flipper)’. The more energetic ‘Oven’ causes the intoxicated crowd to reach peak madness, heads flying around whipping punters in their unconcerned faces as they drink in the energy of the band onstage. The set takes a different direction when ‘The Kicking Machine’ begins, the crowd responds in kind,  their ensnared bodies pulverized under a sea of high energy riffing and shouted vocal ecstasy.

It cannot be said enough, but the depth of the Melvins material is the real winner tonight. New and older songs filter casually through the days of early grunge, stoner metal and other genres of which we are heavily indebted to the Melvins for helping inspire. The set nears a gratifying conclusion with the intoxicating ‘Hunny Bunny’ which assaults the senses with its grinding slowness into the abyss.

Overall, seeing the Melvins tonight was a dream come true for every single person involved. The impeccable setlist, energetic performances and pure joy of the evening made the band simply unmissable.

It’s a proven fact: Seeing the Melvins live will increase your mana and lower your chance of diabetes.


By Kaydan Howison

Photo Gallery courtesy of Gethin Hill (Gethin Hill Photography)
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