Story of the Year release yet another new song from ‘Wolves’

As we creep closer to December 8th when Story of the Year‘s new album Wolves gets released, we’re uncovering more new tracks to get us pumped and ready for it, this one is a more melodic, synth heavy offering guaranteed to divide fans.

I Swear, I’m Okay‘ sounds like something left on the recording studio floor by 30 Seconds to Mars, because if you swap out frontman Dan Marsala‘s voice and replace it with Jared Leto‘s, you’ve got the stadium rock synth track akin to that of something from the band’s This Is War album. Upon first listen(s) it hasn’t grabbed my attention, even though there’s screaming towards the end of the song, they sound a little flat in comparison to what SOTY have released in previous years.

I know the band tried to make a more commercialised sound for their 2010 album The Constant and they managed to achieve that goal here in Australia when single ‘I’m Alive‘ made it to night time radio, but I don’t think this one will even pop up as a blip on the radar unfortunately. In saying that, don’t write the album off completely because of one song and an old man’s opinion.

Pre-Orders for the new album can be made here and you’ll even receive it a week earlier than the general public if you jump on it now.

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