Pennywise– Gig Review & Photo Gallery 3rd November @ Fremantle Metropolis, WA

Fremantle Metropolis, WA
November 3rd, 2017
Supports: The Bronx, Dan Cribb and the Isloated

Cali punks, Pennywise concluded their Full Circle 20th Anniversary shows in Fremantle overnight to what could only be described as a heaving Metropolis Nightclub, with the two tiered premises packed to the rafters. In what is these days a growing trend of playing albums in their entirety, Pennywise once again proved why they have been amongst the upper echelon of punk skate bands for the past 25 years, tearing through the album and adding a few classics and covers to the mix for a night that clearly had their West Australia brethren grinning from ear to ear. And it wasn’t just Pennywise on this stellar bill as the crowd were rewarded with locals Dan Cribb and the Isolated and L.A legends, The Bronx -who were nothing short of fucking incredible.

So the scene was set and kicking off the night, local legend, Dan Cribb and the Isolated. The former Decline front man blitzing through a set in his usual manic fashion, even managing to cap of their set with a Simpsons tune which the band have been ploughing through for the last 12 months on their Facebook page. The crowd was suitably enthralled, with the aisles filling up. A great start for the night, Cribb’s pop punk refinery doing the trick.

Next up were L.A’s The Bronx. Wild, crazy and downright entertaining. It was clear from the beginning these guys were up for the fight. A concluding show in Australia sometimes brings out the best, though the reports from the whole of this tour were more than favourable for these guys and it showed tonight as The Bronx did their best to tear down the very roof of the Metropolis.

The Bronx’s front man, Matt Caughthran‘s energy is infectious. Stage antics aside, Caughthran catapults himself into every song, every word. It’s as if the old energiser bunny lives inside the man as he bounds from one side of the stage to the other before joining the surging mosh pit for not one, not two but three tracks as the rest of The Bronx crew bludgeon their way through a killer set list that just cried out to be the main event tonight. Alas, The Bronx weren’t the main event but you got the feeling that headliners, Pennywise, would have to turn back time to grab the title of “best on ground”, after The Bronx performance.

From new tracks, ‘Sore Throat‘, ‘Night Drop at the Glue Factory”, ‘Two Birds‘ and the anthem like, ‘Stranger Danger‘ from the band’s aptly titled fifth album, to the more well known classics such as, ‘Knifeman‘, ‘They Will Kill Us All‘ and ‘History’s Stranglers‘ to name just a few. The band was on fire and the crowd responded, swelling into one mass sweaty circle pit with Caughthran right amongst the debris leading the convoy.

One of those rare, you had to be there’ moments in gig viewing history.

When Pennywise hit the stage not long afterwards pandemonium ensued. Already with their work cut out for them emulating The Bronx’s set, the punk veterans dived head first into their repetoire which featured, as stated, the full play through of their 1997 classic album, Full Circle. The album was dedicated to original bass player, Jason Thirsk who committed suicide just a year prior to its release and still stands the test of time as being one of punk music’s greatest records.

As with all Pennywise shows, the bearded behemoth guitarist, Fletcher Dragge and trusty sidekick, front man, Jim Lindberg do all the talking, firing up the already drained crowd and breathing a second wind into every pundit as the riffs start firing in. ‘Fight Till You Die‘ and ‘Date With Destiny‘ delivered with gusto and the Fremantle throng singing in unison especially as the track, ‘Society‘ hits the speakers.

Hardly a pause was taken between tracks, the coliseum type venue providing a fitting backdrop to the band’s enthusiasm. The more you listen to this album the more appreciation you have for its undeniable dent in punk history. ‘You’ll Never Make It‘, ‘What If I‘  providing more highlights, the band defiantly putting up their best effort to battle The Bronx for honours tonight. After a short break and the end of Full Circle wasn’t the end for Pennywise, with more in the tank as the band whipped through a mini best of collection before concluding the night to the epic, ‘Bro Hymn‘, as other the support bands, the entourage and what seemed like half the crowd leapt on stage to join in on what was undoubtedly one of the most epic punk nights in Perth’s history.

Just superb.

Review by @plugga73

Review and Photo Gallery by Denis Radacic. Please credit Den Rad and Wall of Sound if you reuse.

Dan Cribb and the Isloated

The Bronx


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1 Comment on Pennywise– Gig Review & Photo Gallery 3rd November @ Fremantle Metropolis, WA

  1. Paul Connolly // December 19, 2017 at 1:26 pm //

    Great review and about the same at the Forum, Melbourne. My mate had never seen the Bronx and he grinned from ear to ear right from the start. Matt’s energy is amazing (and reminded me of a younger Pennywise TBH). Glad people still jump the stage for Pennywise. Clowns singer got to the mic in Melbourne. FullCircle is a great LP and I got to hear one of my favourite tracks live; one you missed above – the classic Broken! (Might be a good inspirational song for your year Plugga).

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