PREMIERE: Get a dose of atmospheric rock with ‘Interstellar Nights’ by Dreamers Crime

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, Planet Earth. That’s where you’ll find Dreamers Crime who have been working their arses off to produce an album which has been grabbing the attention of heavy music lovers for the past few months. The latest single ‘Interstellar Nights‘ from their forthcoming album No Compromises has a catchy sound to it that reminds me of a combination of 30 Seconds To Mars’ stadium rock with A Day To Remember‘s melodic core vibe.

dreamers crime album

Before you can get your hands on the new album, which is out November 17th (Pre-Orders here) we grabbed frontman Peter Repousis to find out more about the band and find out how much criminal activity they’ve actually committed:

Alright, lining you boys up Usual Suspects style, who’s in the band and what do you do?

“I’m the lead singer of us jokers, Mike and Simon are the 2 guitarists, Adam is the bassist and Jase is the drummer.”

Your new single ‘Interstellar Nights’ is catchy as fuck and sounds so big for a small band, what’s it all about?

“This was one of those songs where most of the music was written first. Interstellar (that’s what we call it) was also the song that drove a lot of the album to its unique and final sound.”

“In regards to the lyrics, when I watched the movie “Interstellar”, it was the first time I actually had heard the word and was automatically captivated by it haha. The sound and style of this song always took me far away where I felt like I was somewhere in space, so when I connected that feeling with the lyric’s main story of having to be away from someone you love in order to chase your dreams and fly (in this scenario space), the Interstellar Nights story came to be.”

You can definitely hear the inspiration in the lyrics and feel of the song, so keeping with the Interstellar theme, which outer-space movie best represents the band? (e.g. Fun & Goofy = Spaceballs, Brutal and Heavy = Event Horizon)

“If I didn’t say Star Wars this may have been my last interview. The thing is everybody knows of our attitude and that we are a bunch of jokers. I’d have to say that we are trying to be Star Wars, but are actually in Spaceballs and definitely playing Han Solo.”

Good save! And on the topic of your band name lets run a few crime scenarios past you and you just tell me if you’re guilty of committing them or if we’re dreaming. 

1 – Forgot the words or how to play your song at a show?
“GUILTY. Lucky they were unreleased songs”

2 – Used the “I’m in a band” excuse to get something for free/cheap?
“GUILTY. You’re a damn muso.”

3 – Hooked up with a fellow band member’s sibling/ex-partner?
“DREAMING. Loyalty keeps it everyone together”

4 – Ran a red light?
“GUILTY. Some of us are colourblind.”

Honest too it seems, I like that. Before we wrap things up, anything else you want to say to the masses?

“We hope you guys enjoy “Interstellar Nights” and are anticipating the new album as much as we are for you to hear it. You can purchase tickets to the album launch at the Factory Theatre in Sydney on December 16 here. We hope to see you all soon”

dreamers crime

Dreamers Crime – No Compromises Album Launch

December 16th @ Factory Theatre, Sydney NSW

Tickets Here


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