Tom Delonge finally unveils his Sekret Project which cost him his position in blink-182

It has been dubbed the “Story of the Millennium” by the man himself but former blink-182 guitarist and founding member Tom Delonge has finally revealed why he had to leave his position within the band for the benefit of mankind’s progression.

The musician turned “alien hunter’ released a Live Stream where he told his followers why he’s been busy for the past two years, getting involved with secret meetings with Government officials about classified information not shared with the public… until now.

Aliens Exist. UFOs are real and the To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science plan on not only making their own vehicle using technology they’ve discovered from these Sekret Machines if you will, they also plan to involve the community in events where UFOs are spotted, by alerting believers via an App of an event taking place near them, so they can collect data (video, evidence) in real time from real by standing people, which should put an end to the shitty video footage we are currently exposed to whenever a UFO is spotted… and that’s just the tip of the potential iceberg.

To give you the run down of the Academy, it’s split into three groups called: Science, Aerospace and Entertainment.


Will be used to collect information from sightings, documented evidence and historical re-accounts so the group can learn more about these “advanced machines” and how they work. This is where you can get involved by assisting with the documentation of these unidentified flying objects through community interest.


This section will gather all the documentation and evidence supplied to them via the Science division and use that information to build prototypes, demonstrate how they are made and how they work (or fly etc), and get them into production.


Essentially this will be movies, videos, books and other forms of media released to you to show you how the Academy manage to do all of the above and make it happen. This isn’t a hidden from the public project, this is something those with an interest in the subject (or those keen to see what’s going on), will be able to follow from day one.

The stream of professionals with really long names and job descriptions go on to talk about the idea of on demand transport to international destinations (e.g Uber to or from the United States) or delivering items to a place where they’re needed in a matter of time. To The Stars Academy plan to do what they can to make the above mentioned idea a reality an they need your help and investment to get the ball rolling.


If I haven’t explained it very well, the above video will do a much better job of that. But very exciting stuff ahead by the sounds of it and proves how fucking busy this Tom Delonge guy has been over the past few years gathering the information needed to present to you today. He’s come so far from a pop punk rocker who fantasised about aliens back in his youth and I for one am excited to see what comes of this plan and idea.

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