Bodyjar – Terra Firma EP (Album Review)

Bodyjar – Terra Firma EP
Released: October 13th, 2017

Bodyjar are:

Cam Baines // Vocals & Guitar
Grant Relf // Vocals & Bass
Tom Read // Guitar
Shane Wakker // Drums

Bodyjar online:


A long long time ago, before smart phones took over our lives and everything revolving around it, there was an Australian punk rock band called Bodyjar who gained international success following albums such as How It Works (2000) and Plastic Skies (2002), as well as opening shows for The Offspring, Pennywise and blink-182 and not to mention scoring a FUCKIN’ SONG on Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3, so it’s safe to say these guys meant business.

Lately however things have been quiet for the band who, over the years, copped a few line up changed and stepped into fatherhood territory, but now they’re back with new music ahead of their upcoming tour with Less Than Jake and goddamn we’re excited. The first bit of new music we’ve heard from the boys since 2013‘s Role Model only features four songs but it’s enough to get us eager for their upcoming shows (and to bring our Dickies out of retirement).

Kicking off with first single ‘Burning It Down For Nothing‘ the track takes very little time establishig itself as another offering from the Melbourne foursome with frontman Cam Baines pulling in Jar fans with his unique dulcet tones. It barely sounds as if 17 years have passed since the album How It Works was released and Cam’s voice hasn’t changed in all that time however it sounds as if he’s struggling to hit some of the higher notes in the song. The opening track is a fast and fun punk rock anthem, sure to be a fan favourite for years to come.


Unlike how The Offspring started to sound old with age, Bodyjar do the complete opposite and invoke all the old sounds and attitude they had back in the early 2000‘s but thye’ve managed to incorporate current lifestyles and issues into their music and aren’t holding onto the past like other bands from that early punk era *cough blink cough*. ‘Money Box‘ combines elements of getting old and financial stress within the lyrical content with a fucking sick punk rock backing track akin to Millencolin‘s latest offering True Brew. The next track ‘Get It Right‘ increases the tempo of the EP straight away with what can be described as a new age Jar circle pit song. You just wanna get up and run about the palce with this going off in the background. here’s hoping the give it a spin on the upcomingt tour but it’s bassist Grant Relf who really shines in this one.

Elon Musk‘ wraps up the band’s new offering but they’ve saved the best for last with a fast paced, punk rock filled sing-a-long complete with riffage, harmonious singing and that old school punk rock idea of a quick, but effective song that grabs your attention and leaves you wanting more but alas, thats the end of the EP.

It’s a great return to form for the band who have managed to recapture that unique style which set them up for fame and punk rock royalty status all those years ago. While short and sweet, if it was boasting at least one or two more songs, it would have been close to perfect, but it’ll fill the void until a full length album is released (if there is one planned).


Bodyjar – Terra Firma EP tracklisting:

1. Burning It Down For Nothing
2. Money Box
3. Get It Right
4. Elon Mask

Rating: 7.5/10
Terra Firma EP is out Friday October 13th via UNFD. Pre-Order here
Reviewed by Browny @brownypaul

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