DC Comics heading into HEAVY METAL territory for upcoming comic series

I have always said that one of the greatest things about Heavy Metal is it can transend so many different avenues and be welcomed by likeminded fans who appreciate more than just music and it seems DC Comics are taking this idea on board with their upcoming Dark Nights: Metal comic book series by releasing a corresponding EP to go with it.

The 6 song soundtrack EP will feature music inspired by the Batman story arc written by Scott Snyder and artist Greg Capullo who are set to team up with the likes of Tyler Bates, who’s most recent work was producing and composing music for TV, videogames and movies like Watchmen, 300 and Guardian of the Galaxy. He’ll be co-producing with Mike Elizondo of Warner Bros. Records who has collaborated with the likes of Muse, Mastodon, Avenged Sevenfold and (to a lesser extent) Twenty One Pilots, who’s song ‘Heathens‘ became the official song of the 2016 DC movie Sucide Squad.


To paint the picture for you, imagine if you’re reading this comic series and you have a soundtrack to chuck on to play in the background as you’re reading. It’ll make the fight scenes and dramatic sections of the comic stand out more than they already do. I recently read a Deadpool comic where he broke the fourth wall and told me to chuck on Pantera‘s ‘Five Minutes Alone‘ while he fought a bunch of zombie Presidents and I have to say, it really made the whole experience better.

deadpool pantera

But it seems as if this idea has been floating around in batman writer Scott Snyder‘s brian for a while now, in an article on DC’s website, he stated:

“So many of the Batman stories that Greg and I have worked on together have been fueled or influenced by music that inspired us; this story in particular has rock and metal music as the engine driving it all. To have something like this come together is a huge thrill.”

If you’re still lost by the idea, think about how Tom Delonge and Angels & Airwaves are creating music to coincide with his graphic novel series Poet Anderson and his Non-Fiction Sekret Machines books. AvA’s The Dream Walker album was made as a soundtrack you can listen to while reading the Poet Anderson book as each song would reflect what was going on during the story and serve as a multi-media experience.

Being a Marvel Comics fan, I am absolutely committed to the brand BUT I can definitely see myself heading to the Dark (Knight) Side for this offering from DC.

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