Is competition is brewing between Satellites and MAKEOUT ahead of their new album releases?

With just under a week until their new music will be unleashed on the world, there seems to be a (coincidental) bit of rivalry between Brisbane band Satellites and their former drummer Scott Eckel‘s new band MAKEOUT, who are both putting their new albums/EP out on Friday September 29th.

Satellites will release the Black Dog EP (Pre-Order here), after a few years in development, a massive gain in popularity across the country and not to mention stacks of opening slots for some big upcoming international acts, while MAKEOUT will unveil their debut album The Good Life (Pre-Order here), which they recorded with producer John Feldmann (Goldfinger), Travis Barker and the 5 Seconds of Summer boys.

Both bands have also put out new music videos within the past 24 hours to further promote their albums and while this all may seem extremely coincidental, there seems to be a bit of shade banter from Sateez in the lead up to the release.

Taking a look at the new videos, you can get a better understanding of how both band’s new music will sound, kicking it off with MAKEOUT.

The song ‘Ride It Out‘ was co-written by Callum Hood and Ashton Irwin from 5 Seconds of Summer and continues with the theme of love/relationships splattered throughout The Good Life. You can definitely tell these guys are going to be huge in a few years with this blend of pop/stadium rock behind them and the catchiness of the lyrical content and accompanying instrumentals. While some people might throw their noses up in the air saying “errr I’m not listening to that 5SOS wanna be shit“, firstly, get over yourself and your poor life choices, then proceed to listen to the song for what it is. Four guys doing their absolute best to make it in this big fucked up/soul destroying music industry who actually play their own instruments.


Satellites on the other hand have released ‘Thank You‘ a song which they first offered to fans back when they in April/March this year and it is full of Australian pop punk goodness. There is something special about the way Australian pop punk bands write relatable content (much like Aussie rappers) compared to their international counterparts and this is another example of that with an appreciation song for those who have backed this band since the early days, despite all their setbacks along the way.


But who scored themselves the better release this time around? Well, my money is on MAKEOUT this time, the song had me hooked from the minute I started listening to it and after spending almost 10 years in commercial radio, I can pinpoint a future #1 when I hear it.

On Monday we’ll exclusively find out how both bands feel about their music releasing on the same day and if there’s any beef or rivalry between the two, as Satellites frontman Mitch Chamberlain goes face to face against his former drummer Scott Eckel with a double co-host special of our Wall of Sound: Up Against The Wall podcast. The pair will give fans a behind-the-scenes look at the album/EP making process and the struggles they encountered along the way plus (in typical Wall of Sound fashion) we’ll put them to the test to find out which one of them is the Ultimate Pop Punk/Rock Hero.

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