Sleeping With Sirens – Gossip (Album Review)

Sleeping With Sirens – Gossip
Released: September 22nd, 2017

Sleeping With Sirens are:

Kellin Quinn | vocals
Justin Hills | bass
Gabe Barham | drums
Jack Fowler | guitar
Nick Martin | guitar

Sleeping With Sirens online:


Gossip is the newest album that the boys in Sleeping With Sirens have put forward and it is one that I can honestly say I didn’t expect. When you think of Sleeping With Sirens, you’re immediately in the mindset of their slightly heavy pop punk music that you used to jam out to as a teenager, so most people may already have a preconceived idea of what the album will sound like; but when you think of that idea, throw it out the window and keep an open mind or you’ll find yourself let down in this record when there is really no need to be. I had the same expectations and upon my first listen, I was saddened that the band had lost their edge and only a few songs were the classic sound that I remembered from their previous records.

The more that you listen to Gossip, the more that it begins to grow on you, and you find yourself picking up on the growth that the band has gone through from where they were at with their first release. The fact that the bands exploration is noticeable from one song to the next is something that is highly enjoyable and really picks this album up from sounding almost semi-pop. With hints of their past, making sure that fans will still enjoy the reminiscent tones of what used to be so familiar for their albums, as well as letting
themselves divert from the path of being slightly heavier and forming their own sound, wanting to stand out from the world of today’s alternative music.

This record has a more mellow and melodic style, showing fans that there isn’t just the one dimension of work being put out, however this was something that had me a little skeptical, as at times it started to sound more like it was leaning towards an acoustic album, but in saying that, the vocals of Kellin Quinn are much more noticeable this time around, showing us how dynamic and versatile his voice really is. What was once a range full of incredibly high notes time and time again, which was perfectly suited to him at that stage of the bands career, it is nice to hear a change. There are also times during some tracks where the cleanliness of the instruments and vocals are so perfectly executed that you’re able to hear the backing vocals that have been recorded, supporting Quinn and harmonising in a way that is almost unheard of, not just for these guys, but even for most alternative bands.

Throughout listening to Gossip, I noticed one thing throughout, which was that the lyrics seem to be far more real and deeply personal, and with having softer rhythms meant that there was not a lot to hide behind. It was something that I found to be quite well thought out and put together. The talents of Justin Hills, Gabe Barham, Jack Fowler and Nick Martin are not forgotten as they set the tone of every song with such precision. Putting strong power into the angrier vocalised tunes and playing softer melodies for the
more personal ones.

Overall, it’s an enjoyable album but when it comes down to it, would I say that this release is Sleeping With Sirens best? No. I do think it is a little too soft, but I can understand the direction they are attempting to take by exploring new sounds and new vocal styles. I think the band are well on their way to releasing something big. I can definitely jam out to this album and have a sing along to it, but it’s not one that I believe is full of songs that I can’t pick between which is my favourite or not. However there are some standout songs that I will mention since I did find myself putting those on repeat ‘Empire to Ashes’, ‘One Man Army’, ‘Closer’, ‘Hole in My Heart’ and ‘The Chase’. Those songs stood out to me as they all possess such varied qualities that make them so impressive and catchy. Whether it be from the lyricism to the instrumental side of things or maybe that familiar sound that I mentioned earlier, they definitely caught my attention more than the others.

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Sleeping With Sirens – Gossip tracklist:
1. Gossip
2. Empire to Ashes
3. Legends
4. Trouble
5. One Man Army
6. Cheers
7. Closer
8. Hole in My Heart
9. I Need To Know
10. The Chase
11. War

I’d rate this album 4/10. Enjoyable, but not a favourite.
Gossip is released on September 22nd via Warner Music Australia and is available for pre-order right here.
Review By: Heather McNab

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  1. I think so. it sounds like semi-pop.

  2. Hi Patty, I think you haven’t done any research on the band at all. Who is Kelvin? This has no relevance to the album and the words you have spoken are pure garbage. Think twice next time buddy.

  3. Skin cancer will also grow on you but that doesn’t mean it’s any good come on bro kelvin didn’t show off any of his talent like he phoned it in. 90% of the lyrics make absolutely no sense just word salad that rhymes. I’d give this album honestly 2/10. I love the more melo SWS songs but those entire album sounds generic and more label pleasing than fan pleasing.

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