Fozzy will release 7th studio album Judas this October

Fozzy aka the Chris Jericho fronted rock act will release their 7th studio album Judas on October 13th via Century Media and boy we’re excited. Having already received rave reviews for their main single/title track, we can’t wait to see what else the band have hiding up their sleeve.

Jericho spoke about what fans can expect with the release saying:

“There’s so many great songs on this I think if this was like 1987 in the days of Hysteria and Appetite for Destruction when you saw a band that had five or six singles. This is that type of record. There was a lot of argument about whether ‘Painless‘ should be the single or ‘Elevator‘ or ‘Weight Of My World‘ and now ‘Drinkin’ With Jesus‘ is in contention so there’s a lot of great songs on the record. It’s very much a more compact album. It’s very much more about the songs and very much, is this song a single if it’s not if it doesn’t have a single potential let’s not even put it on the record so we have 11 singles on this record which is the way we wanted.”

“It took a long time to get it right. We didn’t even record a couple of songs that we wrote for it, they just weren’t right. So these are the best 11 songs that we that we have, all of them could be hits. And as we’ve seen with Judas I think this record is going to take us to a completely different level, all across the board.”

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