Tom Delonge showcases Acoustic AvA songs from new EP

Mastermind and Musical Genius Tom Delonge shared one of his new projects with us over the weekend, then took it all away in a heartbeat… The upcoming Angels & Airwaves’ 10th Anniversary We Don’t Need To Whisper Acoustic EP had it’s debut on the internet and lasted a whole day before the songs were taken down (we’re assuming so they couldn’t be ripped/stolen), but you can still hear a sample of what’s on the EP in the teaser below.

Now fans will be in two minds about this, one will hate it, demanding they’d rather hear new material over re-worked old stuff and the other will embrace the different spin on the classic tracks. I’m in that group.

ava ep youtube

At first I wasn’t too keen on hearing acoustic versions of songs already released, but when I heard them (before they were taken down) it’s not as simple as just playing an acoustic guitar and singing, there’s a whole new sound to the songs that stay true to the original but offer a more, ambient kind of feel to them. It’s very stripped back and sort of chilled out for those who are keen to hear AvA but not get too excited when the riffs kick in.

*UPDATE – The songs are back and can be heard in full on AvA’s YouTube profile

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