How to get a new Story of the Year song

Post-hardcore lads Story of the Year have been working on a follow up album to 2010‘s The Constant, following the departure of bassist Adam ‘The Skull’ Russell who stated due to financial struggles he was leaving the music industry (as a performer) to focus on home life with his family. The rest of the band took an impromptu hiatus only stopping to play anniversary shows and the like, however they recently started a PledgeMusic campaign to help fund their new album Wolves.

In a statement on the campaign the band revealed:

It’s been 6 years since our last record. We’ve been on a self imposed hiatus for much of that time, and to say it’s been confusing and difficult for all of us is an understatement.

But with darkness often comes great art, and to be certain, the sun always rises. We’re stepping out of the shadows with more passion and energy than perhaps any time in the last decade. We are re-vitalized and absolutely intent on delivering the best record of our lives. It’s time to rock!

The record is written, and its RAD. We’ve spent years composing and stockpiling music with the intention of releasing a new album when the time felt right.

That time is now.

In what seems like more of a pre-order with special gifts, than a pledge music deal, fans can contribute towards the making of the record and get a reward for their troubles e.g. Signed copies, lyric sheets, merch, memorabilia etc.

Plus fans who chip in today will receive the band’s first single from the album, months before anyone else gets their hands on it. Check it out if you’re keen and keep an eye/ear out here for more in the coming months

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