The F E V E R release pop up show video for ‘We’re Coming In’

We are all over this band like there’s no tomorrow and you should too because they are bringing a new, heavy sound guaranteed to make you lose your shit. Jason Butler‘s new band with Aric Improta and Stephen Harrison called The F E V E R have unveiled their professional shot video of their pop up debut performance from back on July 4th with a better understanding of the message his new band will send out.

The band revealed in a statement prior to their video:

fever statement.jpg

Continuing with the anti-political theme/message Jason carried over from previous band letlive. The F E V E R are on their way to cement themselves amongst the greats like Rage Against The Machine, Anti-Flag, Rise Against and many others used their music to make a difference.

Check it out and take a listen to the studio quality version here

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