Sateez take us Behind the Scenes of new song ‘Thread’ and offer an insight to their forthcoming Black Dog EP

A band we’re stoked to have been following since the early days are Brisbane’s Satellites who over time have undergone a few face lifts, but still managed to blow us away during support slots for bands like The Wonder Years, Motion City Soundtrack and Man Overboard just to name a few, but the guys have taken center stage this time with the release of their new single ‘Thread‘ from the band’s forthcoming Black Dog EP which fans can get their hands on September 29.

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The song was produced/recorded and mixed by former Amity Affliction co-founder/guitarist Troy Brady who’s been busy behind the scenes lately (but also has a new musical project in the works with former members of Skyway) so you know the Sateez boys are on a winner here. We grabbed frontman Mitch Chamberlain for a chat about the song and forthcoming EP

Hey man, congrats on the new killer song, whats it all about?

“Thread is essentially about the pressure I’m feeling more and more to fit into society’s mould. “When are you having kids”, “Why are you still renting” “Oh, you still work there?” Questions that never used to phase me because I was chasing something. The past couple years have been a massive struggle just to keep Satellites going and it’s cool to say “Yeah, we’ve toured Australia numerous times, had tracks on national radio, played with some of my favourite bands.” but in their eyes I’m still just a shit kicking retail worker, with no skills, that pays someone else’s mortgage…” [laughs]

Deep, but relatable. You also worked with Troy Brady on this one too, what’s he like in studio?

“Troy’s great man! We’ve been working with him for a while now and he’s become a dear friend. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a terrible musician, so working with him is an absolute punish, because everything has to be perfect. But straight up, if it weren’t for him pushing us, there’s no way we’d be as stoked as we are on this record.”

All the best music comes from punishment and pushing yourself so that’s definitely gonna show on the Black Dog EP, speaking of, what can we expect to hear on it?

“Quite a diverse arrangement actually. I’m thrilled with the medley we’ve put together. Both sonically and lyrically. A lot of ups and downs have happened in the past 3-4 years and I’ve only got 6 tracks to get it all out.”

Looking forward to hearing what you’ve got  to showcase for us on September 29th in that case, it’s only a matter of time before the big wigs come knocking with a signing offer, any last words for your longtime fans?

[laughs] “Please support us so that we don’t have to sign away 70% of our earnings and split the remaining 30 between 3 people. Baked beans get old real quick.”



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