Wall of Sound presents: Punknstuf!

What’s this? Another gig for our mates in the country’s west? Hot damn! Organised by Wall of Sound‘s exceptional photographer Kim Anderson, Punknstuf will be a fun filled night of eclectic musical talents based in Perth.

Featuring a lineup of musical larrikins like The Bob Gordons, punk rock lords Two For Flinching, genre crossers Nankasi, bluesy Shaus and acoustic Grant Larseny formerly of hardcore act Dead Set Dead (and formerly sporting dreadlocks).

We grabbed Kim to chat about the show and find out why you need to be there

Where’d the idea for the show come from?

“A couple of years ago I had a go at putting shows on with my fav local bands. They were all different genres and this way I got to be a bit of an ego maniac and have them all play in the one venue for me. I was trying to come up with a cool name for a mixed-genre music event and ended up being inspired by H.R. Pufnstuf (no I am not that old that I know this movie, it was one of my mum’s fav’s) and called it Punkinstuff.”

“I got really frustrated with it all though and gave it up. Since putting on the Punks Against Poverty shows last year I thought I’d reboot it (because that’s what the cool kids in Hollywood do) and renamed it to Punknstuf.”

Who’s on the lineup, tell us about them…

Headlining the first Punknstuf are local legends The Bob Gordons. They’re a fun pop-punk band that sing about all the important things in life like drinking beer, sex shops and your girlfriend hating your band. If you want to see a band having fun on stage with their mates, this is the band to watch. More importantly, if you’ve never seen this band before and you like Frenzal Rhomb you’re in for a good time.

Two For Flinching have more of a punk-rock vibe to them and singer Matt Hatton is getting well known as being a stage invader. So you’ll see him up on stage at least twice during the night.

The “hardcore” element of the night will be brought to you by Nankasi, who describe themselves as “rock/alternative/heavy/whatever” so basically lots of heavy guitar and some guy yelling at you. When the singer Richard isn’t yelling he sometimes sounds a bit like Phil Jamieson.

Shaus are a blues rock band I saw about a month or two ago. This band has flair and the singer is so entertaining and finally, opening the night we have Grant Larseny providing some acoustic punk tunes.

Why should they say “fuck it lets go” and come?

Why wouldn’t you? This is a gig where you can’t stand there and say “I hate punk music” or “I hate rock music” because there’s a bunch of different genres playing. It’s not 4 hours of one genre in your earholes. You’re bound to love one of the bands playing unless you’re a Bieber fan or dead.”

“Don’t be that guy who waits til a band becomes the next Karnivool and sells out venues to become a fan, get amongst it now while you can see 5 bands for only $10. Also the bar has beernstuf (see what I did there?) and honestly who doesn’t like beer apart from me? The Rosemount Hotel also sell food, incase you like that sort of thing. We’ve got everything covered!”


Wall of Sound presents: Punknstuf

Friday September 22nd @ Bar Four5Nine, Perth

Tickets $10 on the Door

Join the Facebook Event Here

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