Enter Shikari have gone Pop.

Remember a time when Enter Shikari were heavy and electronic as fuck? I’m talking about their Take to the Skies/Common Dreads era, they progressively got better as time went on too and their A Flash Flood of Colour and The Mindsweep albums were highly infectious and quality listening.

But now, they seem to have taken an electronic-pop direction with their latest offering ‘Live Outside‘ from the forthcoming album The Spark which is out September 22nd. Seriously, it’s as bright as a sunny day and there are no hints of hard rock in it at all, but the song is catchy as fuck (must be their accents). Knowing the potential of these lads, I can only assume this is a one off and the album will be full of bangers and less commercial pleasing tunes… Mark my words at the end of September mates.

Pre-Orders for The Spark can be made here

enter shikari spark

Enter Shikari – The Spark tracklisting

1. The Spark
2. The Sights
3. Live Outside
4. Take My Country Back
5. Airfield
6. Rabble Rouser
7. Shinrin-yoku
8. Undercover Agents
9. The Revolt Of The Atoms
10. An Ode To Lost Jigsaw Pieces (in two movements)
11. The Embers


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