Devil You Know become Light The Torch.

We’ve been following Devil You Know, the new project for former Killswitch Engage frontman Howard Jones since it’s first introduction to the world and now a couple of years later the band are underoing a name change, due to legal issues. The band announced the changes in a statement on their Facebook page:

LIGHT THE TORCH will absolutely continue to perform Devil You Know songs and as stated below, the only way to legally continue would be under this course of action.

LIGHT THE TORCH states: “After member issues and legalities continued for a year with no end in sight, we collectively felt it was time to put DYK to rest. Every effort was made to avoid this decision, but it needed/had to be done for the sake of moving forward. We will be forever grateful to those of you who shared that journey with us. With that said, we decided that this was a perfect time to write and record something truly different, something that reflected what we have been through and what we have become. Our new album is almost done being mixed, and there will be many more details coming in the following days and weeks. We are LIGHT THE TORCH. See you soon.”

LIGHT THE TORCH is Howard Jones (vocals), Francesco Artusato (guitars) and Ryan Wombacher (bass). A new drummer performed on the upcoming album and will tour with us. More info will be revealed soon.
Good news for fans who have latched onto the band’s songs, especially from their most recent album They Bleed Red released in 2015 which scored rave reviews from our Editorial Manager Plugga. Follow Light The Torch at Twitter and Instagram

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