Trivium begin teasing 8th Studio album


Its been a couple of years since Trivium released Silence in the Snow, so it’s only a matter of time before we finally hear some new material from the band… and that time is coming very soon according to their Facebook page.

“Beware those that speak in tongues, 
For they may call your name.”

The band have been working hard in the studio this year and followed yet another line up change (Paul Wandtke is out, ex-Battlecross drummer Alex Bent is in), but they’ve also stated they’ll be returning with some heavier material with more screaming on the vocals. The band are urging fans to sign up at their website for updates, but if you’re afraid they’ll sell your information to the FBI (ha!) we’ve got you covered once they release their new stuff, just check back in soon.

UPDATE: Trivium Bassist Paolo Gregoletto just tweeted this hahaha

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