Rex Brown reflects on Dimebag Darrell’s death in new song ‘Buried Alive’

Former Pantera bassist Rex Brown has gone solo and will debut his brand new album Smoke On This… next Friday 28th July. The legend will also join our very own Browny on Wall of Sound: Up Against The Wall this coming Monday, but before then he’s released a new song/video from the upcoming album called ‘Buried Alive‘.

The song itself is a deeply moving and confessional one about the loss of his former bandmate and close friend Dimebag Darrell. Rex explains:

“I drowned myself in cases of whiskey after he died. I was drowning in that black water and I had to find me, ya’ know? It’s one of those songs that really kind of just came out.”

His whole album is an incredible trip down a rocky road filled with all different kinds of rock and metal splashed throughout and a guaranteed favourite for long time fans. We’ll have our review alongside the podcast featuring Rex next week.

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