Brisbane’s Scott Eckel finally showcases music from his new US based pop punk band MAKEOUT

We’ve been very proud and honoured to follow the rising success story of Brisbane’s next superstar Scott Eckel (former drummer of Satellites) as he joined the US based pop punk band MAKEOUT, recorded an album with John Feldmann [Goldfinger] producing, opened for blink-182 during a few of their US shows and recently wrapped up a stint at Slam Dunk Festival in the UK.

Safe to say it’s been a hectically busy year since he first nailed his audition and finally we get to hear what he’s been working on in the form of ‘Crazy‘, the first single from the band’s forthcoming debut album The Good Life which will be released on September 29 via  Rise Records whom the band has officially signed with.

The song is catchy as fuck, complete with “nah nah’s” that’ll have you singing along in no time, the stereotypical “I hate you, but I love you” feel you have for your partner and a moshpit jump inducing vibe that fans of 5 Seconds of Summer, early New Found Glory/Paramore and All Time Low fans will instantly appreciate.

Rather than just show you the song and video, we wanted to delve deeper into the band so we grabbed Scott for an Exclusive chat about his band’s latest offering…

Hey man, finally the world gets to hear what you’ve been working on. Give us the run down though, what’s the song about?

“The inspiration behind this one is pretty straight, it’s about girls [laughs] or you know, it can also be the other way around. It’s just about someone being a little insane/over protective. Hating you one minute and loving you the next. It was also co-written by [blink-182’s] Travis Barker”.

Wow that’s pretty fuckin’ epic. We’ve all been there before (in love with a Stage 5 clinger), it’s a great, professionally shot video too, where did you boys get it made?

“We shot the video over in the UK straight off the back of our first Slam Dunk Festival, (which was incredible by the way) with a crew that has previously worked with artists like All Time Low, Sleeping With Sirens and Of Mice & Men”.

Nice, playing with the big boys now. Can you give us an insight to what we can expect for the upcoming album The Good Life?

“The album in my opinion is pretty diverse for a pop punk release. The single ‘Crazy‘ is by far the most pop song of the bunch. We literally wrote and recorded that song in half a day. We have some ballads, some faster more conventional pop punk songs, sad songs, happy songs and even a joke song [laughs].”

“The most incredible part of the process was being able to work and write with some huge names, we have 2 co-writes with Calum and Ashton from 5 Seconds Of Summer, and of course the man himself, Travis Barker laid down some drums on a very “Adam’s Song/Stay Together For The Kids-esque” track. I think I’m most proud of that moment, having my hero feature on the album [laughs]”

Oh wow, that would have been awesome. Were you critical of Travis’ input and did you offer him advice on how you think he should play? haha

“Absolutely not hahaha! The dude was a machine and SO switched on when it comes to writing. He knows when something is too much for a song, “overplaying”, and he helped me along with that during the recording process.”

Fuck man, that is awesome. Can’t wait to hear the album now. What’s next for you guys in MAKEOUT now you’ve successfully teased us all?

“Our future plans, we are set to release the album in late September and do a full US tour to support the record. Hopefully even get our asses on an Australian tour ASAP! We just want to play in as many places as we can. UK, EU, Japan, Aus, everywhere!”

We’ve said it since day one, we cannot wait to see these guys explode and a big thanks to Scott Eckel for taking the time out to chat with us exclusively. Have a listen to/watch ‘Crazy‘ below and prepare yourself as these boys MAKEOUT with the world.


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