BLIND GUARDIAN – Live Beyond the Spheres (Album Review)

Blind GuardianLive Beyond the Spheres
Released: July 7th, 2017

 Blind Guardian Line up:

Hansi Kirsch – Vocals
André Olbrich – Guitar
Marcus Siepen – Guitar
Frederik Ehmke – Drums

Blind Guardian online:

Melodic, speed, thrash, power metal at it’s greatest and catchier than a tennis ball lobbed 10 meters straight up during a back yard cricket match.

I’m not a big fan of live albums…but hearing (or better, seeing) Blind Guardian in a live setting is something each metalhead should do, and so I’ll be making an exception for this live album. BG’s songs revel being played in a concert setting where the audience participation takes the song to another level, and now you can have the sing-alongs in the comfort of your own home and bang your head furiously as your family and friends stare from a safe distance. Hell, after a couple of beers you’ll undoubtedly attempt to explain the important significance of the German metal scene to anyone within ear-reach.


Anyway…this gargantuan spans over 3 discs and comes in at 22 tracks which were selected from a pile of shows during their 2015 European tour.

Vocalist Hansi Kürsch: “Even though we compiled Live Beyond The Spheres with songs from more than ten different shows, the result sounds really uniform. This has been a long journey but the effort was all worth it. Our fans will love it!”

Admittedly, the first song I played is ‘The Bard’s Song’; the staple audience sing-along of the Blind Guardian setlist. The day they pull this one from their live show, you know the sun is about to plow unexpectedly into the Earth. However, there are also other great songs here that need to be heard, and after a 30 year career the guys have put together an awesome selection. So do yourself a massive solid, cause Blind Guardian live is fucking great (swearing for fucking emphasis!!). As a fan of this band for over 20 years, this is a really great set of songs and a  great set for the fans. And it ends with the monster, ‘Mirror Mirror’, the song to end all songs.

All of us here at Wall of Sound love power metal. All? Yes, all. (Editor – yea, not all of us lol)

Long live Blind Guardian.

Blind GuardianLive Beyond the Spheres track listing

1. The Ninth Wave
2. Banish From Sanctuary
3. Nightfall
4. Prophecies
5. Tanelorn
6. The Last Candle
7. And Then There Was Silence
8. The Lord Of The Rings
9. Fly
10. Bright Eyes
11. Lost In The Twilight Hall
12. Imaginations From The Other Side
13. Into The Storm
14. Twilight Of The Gods
15. A Past And Future Secret
16. And The Story Ends
17. Sacred Worlds
18. The Bard’s Song
19. Valhalla
20. Wheel Of Time
21. Majesty
22. Mirror Mirror

Rating: 8/10
Live Beyond the Spheres is out July 7th via Nuclear Blast Records
Review by Emanuel Rudnicki