Wall of Sound: Up Against The Wall proudly unveils Corey Taylor as our first guest

If you haven’t heard the news yet, we here at Wall of Sound are launching our very own music based podcast on Monday which will feature stacks of music/band news, tour info, brand new music from some of the best local and international acts… oh yeah and COREY fuckinTAYLOR will feature as our first ever guest.

Mr Taylor (who at the moment is involved in one of the funniest publicity stunts ever) is preparing for Stone Sour‘s latest album Hydrograd to be released next Friday June 30th and podcast host Browny snatched up time with the legend to discuss a range of topics including his homage to Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones in new song ‘Fabuless‘ by revealing [on the topic of stealing lyrics]:

“Yeah I lifted both of those [lyrics]. When I was working on the lyrics I had the music going and just for some reason… those two lines would come to me, in that order and I was like ‘that’s perfect, that just fits too well, we’re gonna nick those and see if it works'”

Which has now opened a wormhole for the Mick Jagger fronted band to steal (or cover) something written by Corey in the future, a concept he is more than eager to see happen:

“I could see that, that’d be interesting. I’d be down to see that one!”

But it’s not all about Stone Sour, recently talk came up about the possibility of Knotfest making it’s way down under following the demise of largely successful touring festivals such as Big Day Out and Soundwave, two circuses Corey has been apart of in the past. He confirmed with Browny plans are underway and the reason why it hadn’t made it’s way to Australia yet:

“Honestly the reason we didn’t do it before [bring Knotfest to Australia] was out of respect to festivals like Soundwave/Big Day Out. But, now that neither of those are here and there’s a void, it makes sense for us to possibly put something together like that and just bring something awesome for the fans”.

“It’s definitely something I’m talking about and trying to figure out. It might not be right away, but it’s definitely something were trying to look at”

It seems Australian fans have left their mark on him since his first Australian tour with Slipknot way back in 2000 and he wants to give something back to us:

“This country has always been very, very good to me and mine and the least I can do is try to pay that back.
Trust me I am absolutely trying to figure that out”.

We also invited some lucky Wall of Sound Community Members to have their questions asked, which included the current state of Slipknot’s next album and masks, if he’d ever consider releasing a non-metal/rock album and if there are any plans for a Roadrunner [Records] United 40th Anniversary album (following the label’s 25th Anniversary project in 2005). A concept he didn’t seem too keen to apart of:

“If there is, I’m sure I might get a call, but let’s just say the nice way of saying it… ‘Roadrunner Records is not what it used to be’

The conversation can be heard in full this Monday, so check back in to find out when you’ll be able to download, stream and/or add Wall of Sound: Up Against The Wall to your new favourite podcast list.

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