Municipal Waste – Slime and Punishment (Album Review)

MUNICIPAL WASTE – Slime and Punishment
Released: 23rd June, 2017


Tony Foresta – Vocals
Ryan Waste – Guitars & Backing Vocals
Nick Poulos – Guitars
Phil “LandPhil” Hall – Bass & Backing Vocals
Dave Witte – Drums



It’s hard to believe it’s been five years since Virginia’s Municipal Waste’s last album, Fatal Feast, but thankfully they finally return with album number six, Slime and Punishment, another speed frenzy all you can thrash buffet. Tony Foresta the band’s front man has of course kept himself busy during that time, recording three studio albums and 2 EP’s with his side band, Iron Reagan, but despite how enjoyable the Iron Reagan‘s music is, particularly last year’s, Crossover Ministry, nothing quite compares to the Municipal Waste thrash machine.

This album is the second via Nuclear Blast Records and comes in a multitude of flashy vinyl colours and some very cool pre-order merch. It is the first record with new guitarist, Nick Poulos and the first time the band has recorded as a 5 piece and the sound comes across much more louder and in your face as a result. One listen to the instrumental, ‘Under the Waste Command’ on this record and the evidence is over whelming, the duelling riffs and solos, it sounds killer, and something that should sound much meatier come any live encounters with the band.

Opener, ‘Breathe Grease’ doesn’t waste any time (pardon the pun) hurling straight into a finger bleeding riff, Foresta spitting venom and immediately heads will bang, you all know the format; speed riffage, Foresta yelling, gang vocals, comedy, repeat! If that wasn’t fast enough for you, ‘Enjoy the Night’ adds even more speed into the riffs, Phil ‘Landphil’ Hall setting the tone with his plucky bass lines.

The album wades through seamlessly, Foresta’s constant yelling into the mic, an enjoyable partnership to the blitz occurring around him. No real stand out tracks here, the album a head bangers delight from start to the pummelling conclusion on ‘Think Fast’. Comedy aside, the band is as tight as it comes with playing thrash or punk. Brutal as they wanna be. If you want a riff laden enjoyable album to kick start a session then Slime and Punishment could well be the soundtrack to kick start those good times.


Municipal Waste – Slime And Punishment tracklisting:

01. Breathe Grease 1:49
02. Enjoy the Night 0:49
03. Dingy Situations 1:39
04. Shrednecks 2:16
05. Poison the Preacher 2:01
06. Bourbon Discipline 2:31
07. Parole Violators 2:30
08. Slime and Punishment 2:22
09. Amateur Sketch 1:45
10. Excessive Celebration 1:29
11. Low Tolerance 2:21
12. Under the Waste Command 1:50
13. Death Proof 2:52
14. Think Fast 2:30

Rating 8/10
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