Queen feat. Adam Lambert returning to Australia in 2018… worth it?

There can only be one Queen and that was the incarnation with the immaculate Freddie Mercury and John Deacon alongside Roger Taylor and Brian May way back when music was gooood and Justin Bieber didn’t exist. Now the band (if you could call it that) is making their return to Australia for a second outing with fill-in idol loser frontman Adam Lambert.

queen line up

The Original and the Best.

The last time they were here they sold out arenas across the country and they’re set to do it again in early 2017 visiting All Cap Cities along the way. This time around it’s a new show honouring the best releases from 1977‘s News of the World album which spawned the songs ‘We Will Rock You‘ and ‘We Are The Champions‘… No word on if the Mighty Ducks will make an appearance.

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Guitarist Brian May confirms Queen’s 2018 shows will have a more ambitious musical agenda.

“The general public knows the hits, so you’ve got to cater for that, but we can chuck in a few things that people really don’t expect. We’ll do quite a bit more of that this time around. There are so many dimensions to Adam, which of course fits with our music. He can get down and do the rock stuff really dirty, and you have all those dimensions, and we can explore that even more.”

Not sold yet, but not-Freddie Mercury Adam Lambert chimed in too

“What people should know if they came to the shows a couple of years back, is obviously we will still be playing the big hit songs you know and love from Queen, but we thought it would be good to challenge ourselves a bit”

“Change it up a little bit, change the visuals, change all the technology, change the set list to some degree. We will probably be pulling some other songs out of the Queen catalogue which we haven’t done before, which I am very excited about.”


Pre-Sale Tickets are available Thu 22 June, 12noon – Fri 23 June, 8am* via TEG Dainty
General Public On sale to public Fri 23 June, 10am via TEG Dainty


Queen feat. Adam Lambert – Australian Tour 2018

Sydney – Qudos Bank Arena, February 21

Brisbane –​ Entertainment Centre, February 24

Adelaide –​ Entertainment Centre, February 27

Melbourne –​ Rod Laver Arena, March 2

Perth –​ Perth Arena, March 6

Tickets Here


BUUUUUT…. Is it worth it?

I mean nothing and NO-ONE will come close to replicating the show and style that Freddie gave fans well before he left this earth, so is it worth your hard earned money seeing what could be a tribute show?

Did you attend the last tour? If so, what did you think? Let us know because I for one won’t be handing over money to see Adam Lambert attempt something as big as this unless there’s enough positive feedback stating otherwise form the long term Queen fanatics!


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2 Comments on Queen feat. Adam Lambert returning to Australia in 2018… worth it?

  1. What you get out of the show depends on how open-minded or closed-minded you are. Queen did not want to put out a show with a Mercury clone. They are ecstatic that Adam is fronting them now. Adam brings a whole new approach to the music. Brian and Roger say they are playing better, and that the shows with Adam equal or top the shows they did with Freddie.

    Watch Brian in the shows they did with Freddie and with Adam. Brian is much more engaged in the singer and his facial expressions and body language show it. Adam has a much more trained singing voice than Freddie had and he has overdrive in the power he can deliver especially in the high notes. Adam stays more true to the melodies than Freddie did. Adam improvises in ways that don’t interrupt the flow of the songs. My personal feeling is that for the first time, both Brian and Roger are hearing their songs sung by a better voice in a whole new way and they are appreciating how incredible their songs are. If you don’t believe me about Adam having a better voice, go to Youtube and listen to isolated vocals of Freddie singing Queen’s songs. You never heard Queen songs true to the melody when Freddie sang them. Freddie improvised when he couldn’t hit the notes or he had the audience sing them.

    Adam is a vision on the big screen. He is incredibly handsome, expressive, funny, humble and sexy. Freddie tried but failed to be sexy by wearing hardly anything on stage, but Adam is sexy fully clothed. By having that bit of sex appeal on stage, the songs are enhanced.

    If you go to a show expecting a Freddie clone, don’t go. If you can open your mind to let the show flow and blow you away, then go. If you don”t think Queen could put on a show and be Queen without Freddie and that will prevent you from accepting another singer, don’t go. If you want to hear Queen’s songs sung by the best pop singer by a mile, go. Adam is not just a singer. He is a well-trained singer who can customize his voice to get each word of the song sung to perfection. Adam is the most natural performer I have ever seen. He instinctually knows the best way to deliver a song. I have seen the show and it is the best rock show you will ever see. The music is perfection. Adam is perfection. There is a reason that the entire world wanted to see this collaboration happen. The factor that will most determine if it is worth the show is if you will stand there and think “he is not Freddie” or you can imagine Queen performing in a new way that will make you sad when it is over. there are loads of videos of Queen with Adam on Youtube. Watch a few. If you like what you see, take a chance and go. You can read reviews of the show online by music critics and fans.

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