Mother of GOD! New FILTER music video, ‘MOTHER E’ is scary as shit!

FILTER, the Richard Patrick led industrial band has just dropped a new music video for the track, ‘Mother E’ from last year’s album, Crazy Eyes and it’s kind of freaking us the fuck out!

The haunting video was directed by Polish director Lukasz Pytlik, and the eerie images coupled with Patrick’s angered vocals combine like no other video in recent memory to dish up one of this year’s best music videos.

Harping back to our interview with Richard last year, we prodded him about some of the heavier tracks on the new album and he had this to say;

“Here’s the deal. When you listen to ‘Pretty Hate Machine’ and then the ‘Broken’ EP (by Nine Inch Nails) there is massive change between those two releases. The only difference is that he (Trent Reznor) thanks his live band as being an influence. From ‘Pretty Hate Machine’, the only song I really liked from that record was ‘Head Like a Hole’. That was the song that really got me involved with Trent. I thought a lot of it (PHM) was pop. So when I was in Nine Inch Nails, Trent was listening to the same music I was, like Ministry and Skinny Puppy and I was constantly telling him you’ve got to make it heavy. I’m not saying I had anything to do, whatsoever, with his music but there was the vibe it had to be heavy.”

Check out the video for yourselves…

The band are of course touring with Ministry in October, all the details can be found here.



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