Ian Kenny gives us an update on Karnivool’s fourth album

Things in Karnivool camp have been pretty quiet for sometime (not including their recent tour with Deftones and Voyager) but that could be because frontman Ian Kenny has been flat out with his second band Birds of Tokyo following the release of their album BRACE last year. I grabbed Ian for a chat earlier today as they’re in town for a show tonight in Ipswich (west of Brisbane) and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to hit him up about any recent developments with Karnivool and their forthcoming album. Turns out the guys have been pretty busy in the off-season:

“We are getting closer and closer to the end of writing our fourth record. I’m gonna spend a fair bit of time in Perth over the next coming months to try and wrap up the record.”

Kenny went on to say it’s a situation of all hands on deck with this upcoming release and everyone is involved at the moment:

“We’ve got a studio space [in Perth] and the whole band’s in town. We’ve got enough songs (we think), maybe have to write a couple more, but it’s getting closer week by week. I just don’t know when we’re gonna have it done.”

The band also shared a sneak peek at a new song in the making on Facebook

You can’t rush genius, but you can take your hat off to a guy who is able to devote his time evenly between two bands and do it so consistently in a way that he doesn’t burn the fuck out. I guess this confirms Ian Kenny is a fuckin’ robot. There’s no other explanation.

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