Mourning Manchester

“Those who feed off fear can not be satisfied”.

On Monday night a bomb went off at Manchester Arena after an Ariana Grande concert. As of recording this a confirmed 22 people were killed with countless more injured. Among those passed, 8 years old Saffie Rousos.

This is not the first time such a sickening attack has occurred within the music community. Eagles of Death Metal, The California-based rock band has previously experienced tragedy first-hand. On Nov. 13, 2015, the group was performing at the Bataclan music hall in Paris which was targeted by terrorists. Frontman Jesse Hughes responded to the recent attack.

Leaving the music world shaken, other artists have also reached out to express their condolences.

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I am so sick of reading headlines like this. We as a race, THE HUMAN RACE, have to do better than this. A music concert is supposed to be a place where people gather to forget their problems for a few hours, not somewhere to roll the dice with your life. At times like this, I think the only thing a normal person can do is try to be the best, most moral, human they can be- in our jaded era, I believe this is more necessary than ever. For instance, this evening after I read this headline, I ran into a very loose acquaintance at the grocery store & mentioned the news. This person joked "Maybe they did it because it was an Ariana Grande show." I was too shocked to even say anything- I utterly fail to find the humor in the fact that at least 19 people are dead & many more injured, whatever you may think of someone's music. I know nothing about Ariana Grande or any of her songs, but I can guarantee that people of many different races, religions, & beliefs were at that show for the same reason- to have a good time. Some of them won't go home tonight. This is not fucking funny to me. This sort of jaded, joking, mentality is evidence to me of the continual chipping away of our humanity by the pathetically low standards of our era. We are better than this, people. It's dehumanizing, just like the freakish & twisted beliefs that allowed this asshole terrorist to kill a bunch of people they didn't know. Everything you do & say has consequences, even if you don't believe that. Make sure you do your best to think & speak with a moral heart- maybe your kindness will prevent someone from going down a dark path- you never know who you may effect positively. My thoughts & prayers are with y'all in the U.K. tonight.

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These events hit home for a lot of readers and contributors here at Wall of Sound. Going to live performances on a regular basis is what we’ve grown up with. I was 10 when I went to my first concert. That feeling you get being in a room full of kindred spirits for the first time, seeing your favourite artist for the first time… there’s nothing that comes close. We’ve grown up with music being a safe place, that these venues are a safe space. So when someone walks in and breaks that sanctity it’s hard to know what to do. The situation becomes very real, you can’t help put yourself and your family in that scenario.

These monsters want power and they take it with fear. They do these things, put bombs in crowds to affect people on a massive scale; to elicit fear. These people are monsters and we can not play into it and give them the satisfaction of watching us, like little children, jump from the carpet to the bed. They want fear, we will show strength. They want anger, we will show love; Love for those lost, for the families affected, for the music communities we’ve built and for society as a whole; we need love. We need to help those hurt and figure out how to rebuild from there.

We here at Wall of Sound would like to offer our condolences to those affected.

Words by Bree Vane. Find her on Facebook & Instagram

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