The Sums give back to Fans in New Music Video

How good is it when bands give back to the fans who helped get them to were they are today? I’m talking a little more than just the big thank yous on stage during a gig. Like Sum 41 for example who invited a bunch of dedicated Skumfuk fans to an event in Southern California a while back which turned out to be the shooting of their new video for ‘Goddamn I’m Dead Again‘ from their incredible return to form album 13 Voices.

Frontman Deryck Whibley even going as far to announce the dedication via the Hopeless Records YouTube channel stating:

We’re very excited to release this new video for ‘Goddamn I’m Dead Again.’  This one is for the fans and by the fans. What you are seeing are dedicated Sum 41 super fans, not one extra and I love that. Thank you all for being apart of it and spending that Sunday afternoon with us!”

Talking about return to form, the video shares similarities to their earlier videos like ‘Fat Lip‘ and ‘In Too Deep‘ all of which were heavily filled with fans wayyy back in the day. ts about time these pop punk legends make their way back to Australia don’t you?

Browny (@brownypaul)

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