Tom Delonge and Angels & Airwaves featuring in Fusion Tv’s Mars Documentary

We know Tom Delonge has become quite the content creator and amateur spaceman since departing blink-182 back in 2014 and over the past few years we’ve seen project after project that’s either come from his mind or that he’s been associated with. The latest venture is a Documentary for Fusion Tv called The Expedition: Mars 2030 which is the project Tom was teasing fans on his social pages that’s in conjunction with NASA. The idea is that there’s more to life and adventuring than what we can see during the day on Earth and by the year 2030 NASA hopes to be able to explore Mars and determine the existence of extra terrestrial life (a fact Tom Delonge has also been working to prove for years and is getting pretty close to revealing).

The documentary which Premiers in the US on April 27th will feature Delonge’s involvement not just as a keen space adventurer but also music from Angels & Airwaves will be used throughout the show. Check out the teaser below.

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  1. occasionalbeliefinfuttures // April 28, 2017 at 7:51 pm //

    Good writeup about the documentary! Always nice to see writeups about what Tom is doing that aren’t aggressively condescending.

    Just a clarification, Mars 2030 probably isn’t that “new project”. Tom has been super vague about what the project entails, but he & TTS have promoted his involvement with Mars 2030 before it premiered. Haven Lamoureux, who worked on the blinkumentary and Tom’s Pursuit of Tone episode, is involved with this new project, but hasn’t mentioned anything about working on Mars 2030. Tom hasn’t said anything about the new project being Mars 2030 either. I guess we’re going to have to wait a while longer before we find out what it actually is!

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