Let’s get Cryptic with Rise Against and Stone Sour

It seems Cryptic is the new black Surprise album with two bands currently teasing new music on the way. Lets start with the one already solved:

Rise Against

The band sent an email out to fans today with a Number and Letter Jumble list which later turned out to be Tracklisting and Song Length. A secret link took fans to a part of the website unseen by untrained eyes which had an authenticated login section. Reading down the Letter Jumble in White bold letters spelt out Wolves which was the password needed to access the secret page, on the other site was the band’s new press photo and the date 4.20.2017 (which in Australian terms is April 20th 2017). So we’re either looking at a new album or new song dropping on Thursday. When we caught up with Joe Principe back in 2015 he stated that if Donald Trump became President the band would have a lot to say about it in their next album and having a look at the tracklist below, there’s references to America and Trump’s Wall so by the sounds of it, you can guarantee that’s happening. Have a listen to our audio interview with Joe here

Rise Against – Wolves tracklisting

  1. Wolves
  2. House of Fire
  3. No Violence
  4. A Welcome To The Breakdown
  5. Far From Perfect
  6. Bullshit Song
  7. Politics of Love
  8. Parts Per Million
  9. Morning Amerika
  10. How Many Walls
  11. Miracle

rise against tracklist

rise against date

Stone Sour

Earlier than Rise Against, the Stone Sour boys started their cryptic messaging on Social Media this morning with backward words: ȉ ƆÅȠ’Ƭ ГƎƆÅĻĻ ƬǶƎ ĻÅƧƬ ƬȉɱƎ ȉ ƜÅƧ ƆÅȔƓǶƬ ƁƎƬƜƎƎȠ ƬǶƎ ƜÅĻĻƧ – “I Can’t Recall The Last Time I Was Caught Between The Walls”. Their website is also a hackers wet dream with words all over the place waiting for fans to crack. Already some have started to reveal what appears to be lyrics on the band’s Facebook Page:

We do know Stone Sour‘s latest album Hydrograd is due for release in June but this could be the start of the album teasing process, like front-man Corey Taylor‘s other band Slipknot did for their latest album The Negative One… Keep your eyes peeled for more soon.

stone sour

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