Ronnie Radke sports the “I’d Like To Speak To Your Manager” haircut in Coming Home music video

Firstly let me say I’m a fan of Ronnie Radke and his musical endeavours, I think he’s one truely talented guy who has a lot of shit that follows him which he is then able to put into words and music with his band Falling In Reverse and showcase it in a relatable and catchy way. The band’s new album is killer (and dare I say Album of the Year material!?) and I’ve just chucked up my review which you can check out right here.

Now the formality is out of the way I get to pick on the guy’s new haircut in the band’s latest video for album title track ‘Coming Home‘. The story of an astronaut floating around in space, making his way back to earth has a very Sandra Bullock in Gravity feel to it, yet looks so stunning on a big screen tv so that makes up for the similarities, however the thing that caught my eye is Ronnie’s new haircut, akin to the meme floating around about the type of person who always demands to “Speak to your Manager“, usually when you’re already talking to another customer at the time… It’s probably happened to you in the past.

Try to watch the video and not see that from now on because once it’s seen, it cannot be unseen! Falling in Reverse’s album Coming Home is out Friday.

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