Free DEVIN TOWNSEND Online Lecture Monday 3rd April – Presented by Music Business Facts


“How To Develop Creativity & Excel As A Successful Independent Song Writer In A Changing Industry”

Prolific singer, songwriter, performer, guitarist, vocalist & producer Devin Townsend will present a 100% FREE online live lecture on creativity, the creative process, creative techniques, overcoming writers block and much more.

The lecture will be presented live and online on Monday the 3rd of April at 12pm AEST.

During the presentation Devin will reveal a myriad of techniques he has developed over the years that has seen him become one of the most prolific creators within the heavy music genre. This is a must attend lecture for anybody interested in creativity and the creative process.

This presentation is one of a series of free music business lectures to be offered as a part of Rodney Holder’s “Online Music Business Summit.”

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